After watching one episode, I was hooked! While his tough exterior makes him intimidating towards his opponents in the game, he's really a gentle giant.While his secret is hidden underneath his 'pink' palms, he has the power to generate shockwaves via a Charged Attack punch to increase his level of impact when hitting an obstacle. Blackpink thrilled fans with VLive comeback show, A remarkably different love in ‘My ExtraOrdinary’, Alden Richards shares takeaways from latest docu special. Keep up the great work! Your articles are my favorite, just like RUnning Man is my favorite. She is said to resemble a frog (I don’t see it) and likes to talk a lot (that I see!) In the trailers, Popo uses all of his tarot cards when making a spell. The 15-year old Peng tribe resident who wanted to do anything to win the competition just to get fame and fortune. Miyo was able to save him at the end of Episode 35. Damon Killian is the main antagonist in the 1987 film The Running Man.He serves as the host for the Running Man game show.. ), Theme song: The theme song to “Angry Birds.”. If Ji Suk-Jin is an easy prey, then Kim Jong-kook is the manacing predator (Tiger). It would sometimes leave a four-toed paw print on the craters. Richards, Todd : Ben's brother. Suitcase' (from the Cartoon Network English Dub) that stores his weapon, the Drill-Gun. Presented in this page are the Expy of the Running Man cast based on their Animal Motifs. What are some nicknames that you think fit them well? The eldest member of “Running Man,” Ji Suk-jin plays his part well and takes the kidding about his prominent nose in stride. 1 – present) Regular Member. With the physique based on a cat, Miyo is applicable in stealth and agility with grace. freed from his brainwashing when Kuga destroyed the mask. Whenever he got caught in a dilemma unintentionally, Popo's eyes became large and it sparkles in hopes of not getting tagged out in a match.He has a belief when it comes to fortunes and Popo's tarot cards are based on the elements such as fire, lightning, and ice. In a rather inverted and ironic way, Ji Hyo attacks Jung Kook by pulling his hair in the original series. Springer, John Griffen : First fake ID used by Richards to buy a ride to Boston. Nickname: Frog. But instead of proceeding, he returned the key and took Pala's potion in order to heal the others and get them back to safety while risking, For the last episode, Gai didn't let Miyo save him as he falls to where the. Running Man is a reality-variety show that stars Yoo Jae Suk and many other celebrities. SUBSCRIBE and catch new (and old!) She was chosen from the Nyanya tribe to compete in the Running Man championship and the only female contender. Theme song: Sting’s “Saint Agnes and the Burning Train” and Sangokushi Taisen’s “Theme of the False Emperor.”. episodes of “Running Man” right here on KOCOWA! I did a search and this is the funnest article about Running Man. Nickname: Big Nose / 왕 코 (literal translation: King Nose). His tribe breaks out of their isolation and the leader made him a contestant. I personally think he resembles a praying mantis more than a grasshopper, but so be it. She is equipped with a grappling hook, a scanner on her belt buckle, and a flash drive used for hacking.