We are going back to the time when the perfumer was doing everything. And culture is fashion, photography, music, writing, cooking, etc. ( Log Out /  His job as an evaluator covers many important perfume creations in the last decades. The fragrance comes up as very unusual and it has a wow factor that makes people feel good. I have never experienced this kind of progression and regression before, but the effect is extremely seductive; it reels you in, lets you go, only to reel you in again a few hours later. Miguel Matos: Was this project formed after your feeling of frustration caused by so many years working for big companies? I'm on the scale everyday with formulas. All in all, this scent is not for everyone. We can educate people about scent. Creating a Scent. Together they combine knowledge on perfume composition, evaluation, managing and creative direction. We try to have our own identity. Distribution is fucked up, the brands don't do their jobs because they used to own creative direction and now they don't anymore. The founders of this brand are experienced people from the fragrance industry, but also from the fields of art, design and advertising. When creating this scent, Francis Kurkdjian clearly wanted to mirror the alchemy of the crystal making process, and I feel he has accomplished this perfectly. I'm creatively compounding. Miguel: What do you mean by “the system is broken”? This makes my day everyday: the consumer is not as stupid as they try to make us believe. There is good news in this situation. A brand is just one point on the map among millions of other points. Akkad is really something quite magical; one spray of this precious amber liquid and you are instantly transported back in time to an ancient Middle Eastern city; a mystical place where the air is spiked with the intoxicating scent of incense, spices and precious oils. your best yet. Miguel: How will The Society of Scent work within the ever changing market? I sprayed it on my skin just the other day and could still smell it the day after – even after having a shower. Scent belongs to culture. We will invite people to experience raw materials. His job as an evaluator covers many important perfume creations in the last decades. In order to achieve the intense red of the crystal, 24 carat gold is added and then heated up to 540 degrees Celsius. Change ). Today fragrance is a scam. A big issue - shipping within the US only. My interest in perfume is becoming overwhelmed by the tyranny of distance and finances. The consumers may not know, but they feel it. Thanks for this aticle, dear Miguel! Miguel: Maybe because there is only a commercial direction and not a creative one... Frederic: Even back then there was still some creativity.