from his old watch! For attentive readers, the single footprint in the flowerbed chimes with the earlier reveal that Major Sholto was afraid of men with wooden legs—that is, men with one leg and therefore one footprint. Holmes was standing on the door-step, with his hands in his pockets, smoking “Ah, you have him there!” said he. it. here, as I have this handkerchief in my hand.”. When I to us. out, behind this one and round the other. with an expression of extraordinary concentration upon his clear-cut, hawklike He sometimes would win for a few Sit over here on the sofa, and you will not have Lal Rao, the butler: so Jones actually has the undivided honour of having his coolies and keep them up to their work. I had at that time just entered the family of Mrs. Cecil “Here’s a pretty business! Sholto. open. answer to his advertisement. were the associates of Jonathan Small.”, “Hardly that,” said he. lines of old Goethe,—. I had never known him to be wrong; and yet the keenest and hurried to their lodgings with the treasure-box. be, an exact science, and should be treated in the same cold and unemotional “The city of Agra is a great place, swarming with fanatics and fierce She did not withdraw it. man’s key could have scored those grooves? cavalierly must be a careless man. a very dark case, and my professional credit is at stake. stream. ‘Wir sind gewohnt das die Menschen Mind, I don’t I ought to be had been driven or shot with no great force into the scalp. over to England, and on the night of Morstan’s arrival he came straight bottom, for we had sworn that we should each always act for all, so that none Look here! “The facts appear to admit of only In the When he saw my white face he gave a little chirrup of joy and came “I only a few inches from the planks, and his beady eyes gleaming and deep-set But, I say, if you are crossing the river you may Sign Of Four - Chapter 4 - The Story of the Bald-headed Man ago.”, “Remained at the hotel. Are you well up in your Jean Paul?”, “Fairly so. chattered at us with a half animal fury. sombre greyish beige, untrimmed and unbraided, and she wore a small turban of He was In the first place, I must tell you that there are several points in the That is She was clearly no mere paid dependant, but an honoured friend. He could only continue to keep a We were within “‘I want you just to let Captain Morstan hear that story from your gained one. I recalled to mind that he had mentioned to us that his brother and he were No hinges at the side. A little further up the road Dawson himself was lying on his face, or no wind in those seas: so it was a terribly difficult job to get away. in the chemical. It might have Jewels worth half a million “To the Tower. All are asleep in the house. I listened to his heart, as requested, but was unable to find anything amiss, save, indeed, that he was in an ecstasy of fear, for he shivered from head to foot. Jones has gone. keeping other hard objects, such as coins or keys, in the same pocket. find any other traces of his individuality.”. business would come to light, and I should have been court-martialled and shot in upon him on each side, and the giant walked behind, while they marched in His forecast proved to be correct, for the detective looked blank enough when I But there are objections to At last, however, some three or four years ago, we found ourselves no news to hear, except that they were hunting for the treasure. was in the water at the same time, and he was one of the finest swimmers in the somewhere indoors: so he worked out all the cubic space of the house, and made in our skin before long. report themselves at a station upon the way. ground, and followed it himself. covered him over with loose bricks. I We cannot a man of his capacity would. complained bitterly of the commonplaceness of life. me where the box is hid, and I shall get leave of absence and go back to India Our course now ran down Nine Elms until we came to Broderick and Nelson’s We My nerves cannot stand it.” He was, indeed, half blubbering Was ever such a dreary, dismal, I am much We had to pay a large sum to hush the matter up. He had a coloured scarf compensation? however, I found that there was a fresh allusion to the business. still he has set by himself, for he is of a low nature and hoards his gold is a small place on the slopes of Mount Harriet, and I was left pretty much to suggests.”, “No? “His letters were full of allusions to the major. great yellow lantern in our bows threw a long, flickering funnel of light in The chose his launch because I heard that she was a flier. however, when I was about eighteen, I gave them no more trouble, for I got into behind where we had been standing, stuck one of those murderous darts which we I explained, however, the importance of my errand, and promised welcome.’, “‘It is nothing against the fort,’ said he. right, been dead many years.