TMDb Worth studying, but not enjoyable. Italian frogman and manned torpedo attacks,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Michael Brill as Naval Interrogation Officer, This page was last edited on 18 June 2020, at 16:29. [4][2] Having taken more than two years to film and edit, its release coincided with the rise of sound films, which impacted the success of the film despite strong critical praise. © Letterboxd Limited. It's clearly a spin on the success of NANOOK OF THE NORTH, except while Robert Flaherty kind of manipulated things to seem more the way that he wanted to present them, THE SILENT ENEMY gives more agency and more of a voice to the native peoples in the movie. Nothing was discovered, nothing was blown up except the British ships. The World War II exploits of a naval frogman in the Mediterranean. Catch up on the big winners, funny moments, inspiring speeches, and more highlights from 2020 Primetime Emmy Awards. Rousing drama action based on the real life exploits of British Navy Lieutenant Lionel Crabbe and his contributions to underwater demolition work during World War II and later on in salvaging operations. They don't make them like this anymore. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Just one more thing I have to say: You can't really look at this without having the social/political context of that time in mind that the movie was made. External Reviews His body is found but not his briefcase, and perhaps the most exciting and well made scene in the film concerns the quest for this briefcase, showing underwater fights for life and death. Carver . Carver. [3], Silent Enemy premiered on May 19, 1930 in New York City at the Criterion Theater. I watched the newly restored version. Features . Fond memories of this film as my Dad was one of the commandos who had to swim over to Spain to blow up the dastardly Axis'. After a further series of attacks against ships in Gibraltar harbour and an attempt to recover secret documents from a wrecked aircraft, Crabb decides to visit Algeciras to discover where the Italians are operating from. Though for a Brit', it is a bit strange saying "which one are you Dad? Based on Marshall Pugh's book Commander Crabb, it was made following the publicity created by Crabb's mysterious disappearance and likely death during a Cold War incident a year earlier. The historical circumstances behind its production are utterly fascinating, but that does not make it a good movie. The situation is hardened by the fact two of the men both want to marry the Chief's daughter... Director . Chief Yellow Robe Chief Buffalo Child Long Lance Mali Spotted Elk Chief Akawanush Mary Alice Nelson Archambaud Cheeka, Der unsichtbare Feind, L'ennemi silencieux, Silent Enemy: An Epic of the American Indian, 84 mins   Every film listed in the index of Thomas Doherty's book of the same name. The Silent Enemy (1930) Not Rated | 84 min | Drama. The fact that both IMDb and OMDb still refer to it as "a documentary about the life of Indians" is both upsetting and concerning.Try to look up a few things that have already been written down about this movie, this overview is a good place to start:, There is some absolutely phenomenal footage here & perhaps it was well intentioned in its portrayal, but can’t help but come off as ill advised in some aspects& certainly in need of better editing. THE SILENT ENEMY is a fine WW2 movie of the kind the British used to make so well. Directed by Winrich Kolbe. User Ratings H.P. The film was interesting enough for me to look up the lead actor, Chief Buffalo Child Long Lance, who ended up committing suicide in 1932 (so they say). The Silent Enemy is a 1930 American silent film directed by H.P. (uncredited), High Ranking British Navy Officer at Conference Conspiracies and counter - conspiracies were hinted at for forty years and "Buster" Crabb was not forgotten.Eventually a retired Soviet Naval Intelligence officer living in the Middle East was permitted to give what is now generally accepted to be the true version of Commander Crabb's fate.Apparently he was spotted swimming between the two Russian warships by an alert crew member,a marksman was called up from below deck and shot him in the head with a rifle,killing him instantly. 1930 R.N.V.R. Crabbe and his courageous crew ultimately stop the Italian 10th Flotilla divers from turning the tide of the war.