Interestingly, eagled-eared viewers have picked up that E and Sherlock have the same text alert sound. We in the Babes enjoy a bit of meta, and for the most part, we were big fans of “The Abominable Bride,” which was about as meta as you can get–or so we thought. (The showrunners enjoy referencing Meyer; they referred to his most famous Sherlockian work, The Seven-Per-Cent Solution, in “The Abominable Bride.”). Continuing the trend, Cumberbatch stalks Baker Street like a Danish prince with a decisive streak. And not by the vengeful Ajay, but by aged government receptionist Vivian (Marcia Warren) in a move that managed to prick Sherlock’s bravado. One element that has got the whole Sherlock fandom talking is E, the mystery woman whom John flirts with via text in ‘The Six Thatchers.’ At first, fans were outraged that the usually loyal John Watson would emotionally cheat on his wife Mary. Back and very much alive, Ajay (Sacha Dhawan) was destroying busts of Thatcher in the hopes of finding a USB he had hidden in one all that time ago, which contained information that would lead him to Mary. Who knows – Elizabeth might be trustworthy, after all? The answer is a complicated yes and no and maybe. This is the most prevalent theory about the mysterious Miss E. You see, when John last sees her at a bus shelter she is framed in the same shot as a poster of Culverton Smith, as played by Toby Jones in upcoming episode ‘The Lying Detective.’ Ergo, people think that E is a stooge of Smith’s who has been tasked to get to know John Watson, perhaps in a bid to keep tabs on Sherlock. Story arcs flow a lot better when there’s more episodes for them to do so. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. And with Mary taking a bullet meant for Sherlock, Martin Freeman’s Watson let out an extended, escalating, animalistic moan. Even if sacrificing herself for Sherlock felt a bit off. The problem is, at least partially, a context issue. Even as it goes global, it feels small, smaller than it should. Duration: 1 minute This clip is from. | More than anything, if the next episodes return to tightly-plotted mystery with clues and deduction, we’ll be very grateful, because while we love the characters of Sherlock dearly, what we love most is learning about them while they do the work of solving mysteries in the world around them. Oh my god you guys! This is a personal theory that I haven’t seen anywhere else.