The more functionally strong you make yourself, the longer you can keep your career. CENA: Big E. Five hundred seventy-five pounds raw. A blog about professional fighters and strength athletes. (Editor’s note: When pressed for an answer, Cesaro revealed it’s Big E Langston.). He's not the only example, I've seen a clueless muppet who was stuck on 110kg bench for six months, abuse them and double 160kg inside three months. Some people use their agility, some people use different facets of athleticism, but strength is very important to what I do in the ring and I think it shows. You can also do that with incline bench, then flys. REIGNS: Negatives. yea you're right, but when you've earned a physique and kilo like he has its a massive shame to give away the credit to something out a bottle. Almost everyone else I knew that used them had no idea what they were doing and were just taking them so they could say they were taking them (doormen and such). Focus on negatives and do a lot of dips. The guy can't come off because his numbers drop massively. by $$$$$ PYGOD.COM $$$$$ Publié par PYGOD à 13:12. SHOW: When I first started out, I wasn’t benching 500 pounds. He’s a very efficient weight lifter. I'd have to disagree with you massively. I can't respect that. my roomate was a wrestler weighing 270 lean. Have about six total different ways to work the muscle and go low weights and keeping working at it. it was animal from road warriors that i spotted, not warlord. But I highly recommend not doing it. To determine these percentages, you must first figure out your 1RM. Warlord Bench Press 500 pounds 19 times The Warlord Benchpresses 500 pounds 19 times (WWF 1991) Proudly presented to you. A lot of the guys I know who've used them were either strong already and used them to go up to the next level or had been on them years ago and just talk about how strong they used to be. Pro bodybuilders competing for the attention and the even... After steroids, growth hormones, insuline... here come the synthol. In the Approach the Bench program, you’ll see percentages such as 50% 1RM (50% of a one-rep max for the bench press). Even though right now I feel like I’m good for between 560 and 580, 550 is my official best. At Hard Nock's South, where we train, I have the number two bench press record. Incidentally,why are people debating whether or not Cena's natural? The guy could be a natural freak, they do exist. You're obviously a lot closer to it than I am. You can look at older pictures of him and he was always a big dude, man. RYBACK: You gotta train heavy. Titus O'Neil. The guy I like to watch work out is John Cena. The speed and sheer amount of reps that they did was phenomenal. WWE.COM: Who is the most impressive bench presser you have witnessed in person? SWAGGER: Leading up to WrestleMania, the Mark Henry vs. Ryback  bench press challenge with 225 pounds was very impressive. You’ll see the results. They still have to work hard. I've been around it a few years and have seen how it changes people. Well, looking at some of the guys, you apparently can. So it’s not just lying flat and bouncing something off your chest — you actually have to use your legs as part of the lift. Partager sur Twitter Partager sur Facebook Partager sur Pinterest. KANE: Mark Henry. ROMAN REIGNS: Four hundred forty-five pounds, but that was on a Monday morning before Raw.