You can also completely destroy him if you’re playing as The Cannoneer as your hero power can ignore all of his stealth effects. Many of the encounters that will feature in Monster Hunt have been datamined by the community since the live release of The Witchwood expansion. Monster Hunt released on April 26, 2018. Focus your efforts on getting one or two bigger minions on the board and use these to hit face. We're still in the process of compiling this list, so bear with us! The Witchwood cards are available through the following options: The set contains 129 collectible cards in total. to your deck: Below, we list all the currently known treasures you can be offered. The forest was eerily quiet. [10], During this early stage development, the Hearthstone team experimented with various new mechanics and keywords, such as "Investigate", which would allow the player to create a "murderer" minion through several Discovers to determine their stats and abilities. The ridiculous card in Standard is even sillier in Monster Hunt as his hero power passively makes all Battlecries trigger twice – that’s both his and yours. The deck is full of cards such as Grim Patron, Gurubashi Berserker and Rotface, which all offer huge advantages if they take damage and survive. A tough fight as the Bloated Zombies he spawns with each of your minion deaths are a real pain to deal with throughout the match. However, no boss will appear more than His hero power will almost constantly reduce the cost of minions in his hand each turn, meaning you’ll be overwhelmed in the late game if you allow him to reach it. your deck. As you progress, you'll gradually build a deck that might be focused on Spells, board clears, Murlocs, Dragons or more. Hero Power: Pistol Barrage (1 Mana) - Deal 2 damage to a minion and the minions next to it. additional encounter, a Final Challenge (Hagatha), will become Splintergraft doesn’t really offer much of a threat and instead just draws a game out more often than you might like with its hero power. Tracker (Rogue) Hero Power: Scavenge - 2 Mana - Discover a class spell that has been played this game -, Cannoneer (Warrior) Hero Power: Fire! Hero Power: One with the Trees (2 Mana) – Reduce the cost of minions in your hand by (1). Don't get too bogged down in avoiding her Hero Power. Hero Power: It's Raining Fin (2 Mana) – Draw 3 Murlocs from your deck. We found Taunt Minions that increase their attack value after taking damage particularly potent in this fight. Hero Power: Bloodthirst (1 Mana) – Give a friendly minion Lifesteal. The Witchwood cards can be craftedfor the usual amounts of Arcane Dust. That’ll negate the majority of his strength. Do your best to survive until the late game and take into account The Scarecrow's Hero Power. This can sometimes straight up lose the game for you, so if you have strong board clears you might want to consider holding them in your opening mulligan. Make sure you choose those that best complement the theme of the Deck you're building, as this'll net you the most value. Garrow floods your board with small minions to take advantage of his Hero Power, so always trade them if you can to nullify this. We know that there's a card back reward associated with Monster Hunt, but the exact criteria for unlocking it hasn't been revealed by Blizzard yet. This particularly tough fight aims to wipe you out with fatigue damage by forcing you to mill cards from your deck, while the hero power prevents you from doing the same to them. Baran the Blind. For now, just bear with us as we compile a complete list of all the bosses you’ll face! Hero Power: Splinter (1 Mana) – Take 2 damage. With this is mind, you’ll want to be careful when playing low attack minions. This means you can usually build up a bit of an advantage in the early game, so that by the time your creatures are running scared, you’re already well in the lead.