It is also called as Madhumalti , Rangoon or Chinese creeper. It is also known as Galasoka, Anganapriya or Ashoka tree. Also called as basil plant, is an herb and has several medicinal values. The idea of forming such a department was made by late P.K.Kunju Sahab, who was the Finance Minister during that time. Thumba Flower. The women wear it on their hair as an ornamental flower. Thumba. It is also called as Crepe jasmine or Carnation of India. It is also known as the golden-shower tree. Their terminal inflorescence last for about 6 months and the orange-red- bell shaped flowers get opened row by row. It is an ornamental flower and is worn by the ladies. Because of a good monsoon and a tropical climate, Kerala is very suitable for growing flowers. It is a popular shrub and the flowers are bright coloured. The leaves have seven leaflets. During this festival, the kanikkonna is worn on Lord Krishna’s idol and is shown to all as their first sight on the Vishu. The petals when fell on the ground is so beautiful to see which gave the plant the name golden shower. The head of this department is the Principal Secretary with two Secretaries taking care of the expenditure and Finance Resources. It is considered to be a sacred flower of the Hindus and it is believed that the goddess Saraswathi seats on this flower. The corpus of the different Charitable Endowments has the Director of Local Fund Audit as the Treasurer is also done by this Department. A peculiarity of this plant is that they bloom once in 12 to 16 years. The leaves are simple and the fruits are produced rarely. Someone in the past has found out a similarity in the shape of the bottom of foot of a new-born baby and the flower. It is because the plant wilts when touched. During this time, tourists from various places come to Munnar where this flower is seen in plenty. They monitor the implementation of plan schemes. Boating facilities are also provided in the dam lake. This plant is considered to be sacred and is used for offering prayers in temples. There are flowers grown in home gardens and some are found only in the forest areas. Thumba grows to a height of 30 to 40 cm on average. The flowers are used for making hibiscus tea. The flowers are yellow and reddish in colour. Chemparathi or hibiscus is a garden plant which is either a shrub or herb. Special buses are provided for lion safari and it is possible for one to have a close view of the lions as they are not caged. Even though this sap is poisonous, they are of much medicinal value. This plant has medicinal values and is used for curing heath issues such as piles, urinary stone etc. The leaves are obtuse, linearly lanceolate some time petiolate, petioles is 2.5 to 6 mm long, the epidermis is covered in a thick waxy cuticle, stem quadrangular, the stem is … It is also called as Shavam-nari or Madagascar periwinkle. It lies near the Western Ghats and is an ideal park for family picnic. The flowers have five petals with leaves in the shape of a camel foot. It has the ability to inhibit of test bacterial growth, especially Escherichia coli and Salmonella enteritidis. Thumba (Leuca indica) is a very small herb that grows as four or five branches of five to eight inches right from the base. There are also used for medicinal purposes and also for making baskets. Someone in the past has found out a similarity in the shape of the bottom of foot of a new-born baby and the flower. A graphic designer by profession, having found a hobby in photography, in this blog I share my Photographs, Designs and Videos along with a little information on it and Malayalam Short stories. The leaves are round shaped and floats in water. It is also called by many names such as Nerium plant, Dog-bane, South-sea rose, Adalpha etc. The leaves are dark green in colour and are alternate. They provide shade during hot seasons for the people and so it is called by the name ‘Angana priya’ which means darling of the front yard. It is also called as water lily or star-lotus. It is an herb with small and simple leaves. This flower is very popular as there are a wide variety of colours and shapes available. It is also called as Abuli or fire-cracker plant.