212    I would give you 8 out of 10. 206    Some students have the habit of starting every composition with weather descriptions, regardless of topic or setting. 090    141    177    Towering cumulonimbus clouds are typically accompanied by smaller cumulus clouds. 114    "It will help us learn how to use lightning mapping data to improve storm forecasts and warnings.". 132    149    176    050    217    While heavy snow is falling in parts of …, Hello everyone! Today will feature the return of widespread severe weather chances to parts of the High Plains as a seasonably strong upper level trough rotates northeast through the Rockies. 196    While we continue to keep an eye on the subtropical disturbance off the Florida coast (click here for yesterday’s update), the Northeast is gearing up for a severe … by Jack Sillin / 05/15/2020 / No Comments / Another Round of Significant Severe Weather is Likely Across the Deep South Tomorrow. We’re deep in the heart of summer here in Mid-August and the weather pattern certainly understands that. 027    116    Thank you once again for taking time to leave a comment. 077    Glossary of Correct Usage | 075    128    I never knew why, but thunder and lightning made me hyperventilate and I would start to cry. 112    189    072    131    May 15 marks the beginning of a large-scale, comprehensive field project to measure how thunderstorms transport, produce and process chemicals that form ozone, a greenhouse gas that affects Earth's climate, air quality and weather patterns. 003    Weather descriptions is an easy way for young writers to begin their stories. 138    150    Cumulonimbus (from Latin cumulus, "heaped" and nimbus, "rainstorm") is a dense, towering vertical cloud, forming from water vapor carried by powerful upward air currents. An extremely dangerous severe weather outbreak is still forecast for much of the Southern Tier of the US today through Monday as a strong storm forms in the …, Hello everyone! Owen Cooper and Jerome Brioude, both with the NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory and the NOAA Cooperative Institute for Research for Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado, will use weather forecasting models to understand where the air lofted into the troposphere by a thunderstorm travels. 038    022    045    Correct 195    042    Hello everyone! 220    006    085    Thunderstorms act like elevators; their updrafts loft pollution and moisture-rich air to the upper atmosphere where they mix or chemically react in sunlight to produce ozone. Cumulonimbus progress from overdeveloped cumulus congestus clouds and may further develop as part of a supercell. 185    186    I had just finished my school project and 001    132    182    It was a bright and sunny day. 083    I had just finished my school project and decided to relax on the veranda outside my room. In many parts of the city, there was 199    2. 154    and told the maid to collect the clothes, just in case it rained. 174    148    010    135    109    015    063    These storms will produce all available hazards including tornadoes, damaging winds, hail, …, Hello everyone! & A ], [ 138    226,