Unfortunately, in his latter years he was relegated to jobbing and current fans might not know of his contributions in the WWF's boom period. In reality, Martel took an extended leave of absence to help take care of his wife, who was severely ill.[15][16]. [5] The team were played off as good looking pretty boys (a story-line that came directly from the team's predecessor The Can-Am Connection) even using the theme called "Girls In Cars", which was originally made for the Can-Am Connection. [12] Both men scored wins over the other, including a win by Santana over Martel in the final of the 1989 King of the Ring tournament. You have to feel for Mike Shaw, who may well have been a talented wrestler, but he had to drag the dead weight of two lame gimmicks—first Norman the Lunatic with WCW and the walking punchline of Bastion Booger with WWE. Martel immediately came up with the team's name based on this. The crossbody is a gorgeous move, especially when performed by someone with the grace of Steamboat, but it doesn't seem powerful enough to finish off a match. Unlike Kozlov's headbutt, Brazil's version didn't even look like it hit his opponent all that hard. The good points of Tito Santana's finishing move included the fact that it could happen at nearly any moment in the match and showed off Santana’s high-flying skills. Randy Orton's scoop powerslam or Kurt Angle's Angle Slam are delivered with ferocity, while Cena doesn't seem to be slamming his foe as much as he is just letting him fall as gently as possible. He had a less than satisfying wrestling career and this was only complimented by his poor moves on the ring. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. The armpit claw is supposed to pinch a nerve and render the victim helpless, but it just looks weird. I'm not sure of this move's real name, but a clever moniker couldn't have saved it anyway. They faced AWA Tag Team Champions The High Flyers, Greg Gagne and "Jumpin'" Jim Brunzell for the title. Instead, he's held back by this blasé move unfit for such a powerhouse. Five worst finishers in WWE. It's supposed to be silly (like him), and it certainly is. Throughout his career, he signed for many brands but failed to impress either. One has to think that if he had some inventive, impressive, awe-inspiring finisher that fans might have overlooked his childish magician gimmick. Santana had the upper hand in the bout until Atlas' manager Tony … There is no snap, no high impact, just the weakest form of a neckbreaker possible. About 2:35 in the video is when the slow-moving discus punch begins. MVP has to get one leg around his opponent's head while balancing on his other leg. His athleticism is impressive as he corkscrews through the air, but the lack of direct impact makes it hard to tell when he's supposed to have missed or not. The painfully-long theatrics building up to this move are beyond annoying. Sure, but how nauseating would it be to see a megastar wrestler be defeated by such a travesty? The problem is that he's wrestling real wrestlers who sometimes go down to the goofy move. [14], In July 1988, Martel (kayfabe) suffered an injury after taking Demolition's finisher on the floor, splitting up the team for several months. As it is, the Atomic Leg Drop comes off as a lazy strike where the back of Hogan's leg is brought down on his foe's body in feeble fashion. Akshay Ron FOLLOW. None of us would enjoy getting punched in the chest, but it's not nearly dramatic enough for a finisher. Many submission holds come off as extremely difficult to escape from while the bearhug only requires some stiff punches with those free hands. Surely, a man with that poor a finisher can’t expect to make a life out of the WWE. Finisher Diving Forearm To The Back Of The Head (El Paso Del Muerte) Trademark Moves Diving Crossbody, Figure-Four Leglock Did he or the bookers think we were getting tired of the chokeslam? Sometime later, Santana and Martel reunited, taking on The Brain Busters at WrestleMania V.[6] After Santana accidentally knocked Martel out with a flying forearm, Martel left Santana alone in the ring to fend for himself, thus turning heel. Santana would find himself in a long feud with Greg Valentine over the IC title that would see the belt change hands as Valentine would injure Santana's knee forcing him to miss time, so when Santana returned he … A finisher is a capper to a dramatic battle, something iconic and exciting that makes sense as a final blow in a physical war. The 450 splash has all that added force of the spinning wrestler. The issue is how silly the Mandible Claw appears in action. To make things worse, the People's Elbow likely gave birth to the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Countless heels and challengers have fallen victim to the big boot followed by the anemic leg drop made famous by the Hulkster.