56218 Mülheim-Kärlich Entdecken Sie unsere Lösungen! Kontaktieren Sie uns noch heute, um die besten Sensorkombinationen für Ihre Anwendung zu besprechen und um einen Anwendungstest mit Ihrem eigenen Produkt zu vereinbaren. So können unsere Kunden Wertstofffraktionen mit höherer Reinheit aus ihren Recycling- und Abfallströmen extrahieren und dadurch ihren Ertrag und Gewinn maximieren. It all started in China, where the virus kicked off. Share this release. For example, the experts recommended a suitable technique to screen and size the material and separate it by density. News, Responsible and innovative TOMRA Sorting Recycling leading through and beyond COVID-19. And the speed of it! Furthermore, their suggestions for adjustments did not solely focus on TOMRA's own machines. This differentiating element has a name: TOMRA Care and one of the local companies that benefits from this personalized service is ECOFABRIL, located in the city of Jundiaí in São Paulo. Prior to making an investment, TOMRA Sorting Recycling encourages customers and potential customers to test their own material at one of five test centers dedicated to waste and metal sorting technologies. Every year our machines accept, recognize, and collect over 40 billion empty drink containers worldwide and in return give a 10c reward for each one. I was asked to send my material to the Test Center a few days ahead, leaving TOMRA some room to prepare and experiment. The Application Engineers who supervised the testing process had also listed technical specificities concerning my customized AUTOSORT, e.g. Initializing the testingA couple of days before the test date, my excitement rose. TOMRA verfügt über zwei weitere Test- und Demonstrationszentren in Seoul (Südkorea) und Xiamen (China). From expert advice for reverse vending providers to engaging recycling experiences for end users, you can rely on TOMRA for the best reverse vending machines for collecting aluminum cans and glass and plastic bottles for recycling. Located at Crestmead: 67-69 Rai Drive, TOMRA’s state of the art Recycling Centre is your local hub for returning your eligible containers. Topics: Depending on the contract, TOMRA offers specific maintenance services and checkups to help me keep my machines running at its best.For me, the arrival and installation of my new AUTOSORT means a remarkable change in the efficiency and precision of my facility, introducing this advanced and powerful recycling tool to my plant – and I can barely wait. Global leader in sensor-based sorting systems, TOMRA Sorting Recycling, announces that Carlos Manchado Atienza, regional director Americas, will speak at the upcoming Northeast Recycling Council’s (NERC) Northeast Glass Forum, September 1-2, 2020. Seit schon mehr als 40 Jahren ist TOMRA der führende Anbieter von optischen Sortier- und Schälmaschinen für viele Sparten der Lebensmittelbranche. All of TOMRA’s testing locations are close to international airports, which not only makes visits more convenient, but also provides a level of test support which is unsurpassed within the industry. Beginning a new era with TOMRA Soon after and after having aligned on all specifics, I placed the order for 5 new AUTOSORT machines, which will perfectly complement my recycling plant and help me increase purity rates and efficiency. On the actual test date, TOMRA's friendly team welcomed me and gave me a tour to the Test Center – there was so much to see! 0448 297 976. tim@poemgroup.com.au . They helped me to plan a holistic process for my plant, including the pre-sorting and pre-processing of the recyclables. However, just selling high-tech equipment is not enough as the goal is to offer an integrated solution that fulfills the requirements of the company in the various stages of business. Phone: +49 2630 9652 0. Find your perfect recycling solution at the TOMRA Test Center Recycling plant operators might be aware of this: Finding the right solution for your particular need is not always easy. Das bahnbrechende Branchenwissen von TOMRA Sorting Solutions bildet die Grundlage für hochmoderne Anlagen und herausragenden Service im Abfall- und Metallrecycling. Kunden aus Japan profitieren von unserem Partner-Testzentrum in Moriyama, Japan, das von Fuji Car betrieben wird. A feeling of caring for and mutually supporting each other constantly grew: when masks became scarce at TOMRA's production facilities in Europe, the Chinese team sent some of their masks along with other equipment to ensure the safety of their colleagues. The pandemic has spread relentlessly, exposing businesses to unknown challenges and unexpected changes. Even once the machine is up and working, my cooperation with TOMRA will not cease. Based on my requirements and the material I sort in my facility it became soon clear that the AUTOSORT® would most likely be my machine of choice, so that I will have my material tested with an AUTOSORT® machine.I was astonished by the efficiency of the whole planning process: Before the actual testing date, their team gave me a rough idea on what to expect at the Test Center – no doubt I was working with true recycling experts!