A lot of people of my age don't grasp just how powerful young people are." Except we’re not the same – our high school experiences were radically different. The award is in recognition for having the best growth in VCE results over the past 10 years. He will learn in a positive, passionate and harmonious environment, one where everyone feels part of the ‘Trinity family’. They had noticed a high turnover in staff. Graffiti on a house next to the school calling for the headmaster and council to resign.Credit:Simon Schluter. Clutching a pair of scissors, deputy headmaster Rohan Brown saunters across the sunny courtyard towards the year 10 boy. In his 21 years as Head Master, Mr West presided over a most ambitious period of sustained growth for the School. Curriculum. It also contains articles about developments and … Mr Milton Cujes commenced as Head Master in June 1996. "You didn't have to be a doctor or lawyer. " says Dr Mark Merry, national chairman of the Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia (AHISA). A few days later, he secures a meeting with Davies and the pair agree that Brown will phone him to apologise. Richar… We pride ourselves on growing exceptional young men who move on to take their place in the world as considerate, resilient and enquiring members of society. Six years ago, the MLC board of directors sacked then principal Rosa Storelli, claiming she had been overpaid by $700,000 over 10 years. The School colours were chosen to reflect the liturgical season of Trinity, namely green. The Council currently has seventeen members, with six members being elected by the Diocese of Sydney, six being elected by the Clergy and three being nominated by the Old Trinitarians Union (OTU). An Old Boy of the School, School Captain in 1968. Curriculum. Students at Trinity Grammar School, Kew learn with passion and purpose. It's February 1, the first day of the 2018 school year, and the students of Melbourne's Trinity Grammar School have gathered to have their school photos taken. Students from Meriden and Trinity Grammar participate in a number of joint activities including a Student Christian Camp, cadets, sport, musical productions and social events. "Pound for pound, that would be as many private schools as anywhere in the world, and therefore you've got a lot of people who went to them.". I just tried to calm him down," she says. I could have been louder about my sexuality – but perhaps I didn’t feel I had to. I left Trinity feeling relatively unscathed but I’m not so sure about my gay peers. Mr Simpson has taught English at Trinity Grammar, an all boys private school where students pay up to $34,000 a year, since 2015. I graduated from Trinity Grammar School in Sydney last year. In 1975 Roderick Ian West was appointed the School’s tenth Head Master. For year 12 student Callum Deed, the campaign to reinstate Brown has been a pivotal moment in his young life. His desire was for Trinity boys to be exceptional rather than typical. This was another case of a school failing to consult with its community or anticipating the consequences of a controversial decision. It still shocks me that my 17-year-old mates were better educated on these issues than our supposed educators. At six-foot-four, he played two games for Carlton back in the day, giving him cachet with his young charges. It was certainly confusing to go to a school where I didn’t see anyone who was openly gay. "There are not a lot of options.". "We have been used as political fodder in a game between grown men.". We may have graduated school, but our anger has lingered. Not surprisingly, council members began debating the qualities they wanted in his successor. Lily perceives my openness as a necessity. All assume the matter is resolved. ", Of course, switching is no simple matter, and parents know this. Meanwhile, a review into the school's governance model, constitution and council composition is underway. The relationship between the schools provides opportunities for Meriden students who are studying Chinese or who are of Chinese heritage to study at the Shanghai Fengxian High School, a highly reputed demonstration school in Shanghai.