Picking the correct surface type for your boots is essential. “DF” is only ever applied to Nike football boots, and relates to the Dynamic Fit Collar found on the Hypervenom and Mercurial Superfly. Your season starts here. To combat any nasty smells, you could use an Odor-Eater insole or add a dash of Bicarbonate of Soda into the boot. Finding football boots for wide feet can often be an absolute nightmare. There are a huge range of football boots from different brands, each of which has some specific characteristics. When looking for boots from either adidas or Puma, you’ll usually find a number included in the product name - for example, “adidas Predator 19.3”. However, a positive of AG boots is most brands improve the durability of the boots, knowing just how harsh the artificial grass can be to boots. Each of these studs have their advantages and disadvantages, but in the end it will come down to personal preference as to what you think will work best for you. This means you can lace your boots in whichever way feels most comfortable, and ultimately change the way you play. Fortunately, we’ve put together a ranking of the best boots with a wide-fit! Check out our expert guide on. Yep, these are unmissable discounts. Want all of the best football deals straight to your inbox? All Rights Reserved. The studs on Artificial Ground boots have been designed specifically to work alongside the extra abrasion that synthetic grass gives. Many players prefer the more traditional conical studs, while others just love a good blade. When buying football boots most people look at the upper parts of the shoes for breathability comfort and stability. The likes of Nike, adidas, Puma and New Balance are renowned for their ground-breaking innovation, and these are certainly the brands to look at it if you want to emulate the pros. Football boots don’t get much better than this. Copyright © 2020 The Footy Club Limited (FOOTY.COM®). Whether it’s Firm Ground, Soft Ground, Artificial Ground, Astroturf or Indoor, we will get the cheapest prices around for you. However, Nike and Adidas have recently incorporated running technology to help prevent injuries. This guide explains the main differences between cheap takedown boots and expensive elite models. Some brands have even gone as far as throwing in a mixed stud pattern. Chase House, Rainton Bridge, DH4 5RA, United Kingdom. Your outfit is part of the formula, and we’ve picked out the best boots to help you stamp your authority. Thank you for joining the FOOTY.COM club! Each one offers a broad range of silos and designs, serving up something specifically-suited to your playstyle and helping you really tear up the pitch. All Rights Reserved. The sole is usually very flat with grooves cut throughout to help manoeuvrability and comfort — there's nothing worse than a stiff, uncomfortable sole on a wooden court!