Based on your successes and reputation you might get access to more corps, divisions and brigades. Good to hear skirmishers aren't too fast. Detach skirmishers to send them to scout those hills ahead. @Limith With the cavalry level 2 perks we need to switch the recon and cavalry icons so that they actually match the stats currently. Featured Trainer. The game includes the following battles in the campaign: You are the general. Unite the house divided! The topography plays immense strategic role and helps to understand how battles were fought and to learn history. Ultimate General ; Ultimate General: Civil War ; General Discussions ; Available Mods Available Mods. In our game, every historical battle landscape is accurately hand-drawn, utilizing data from satellite and historical maps. ... Our Ultimate General: Civil War trainer has over 8 cheats and supports Steam. Ultimate General: Civil War Available Trainers Steam. I would love user made battles and would contribute alot of time producing just that for all of us. To uninstall simply verify files. 17. You have full control over the army composition. Ideally, most mods for this game would just be user made historical battles. Ultimate General: Gettysburg was the first game of the series. Great job, guys! Close. I really wish Darth would have spent more time on this gem. Looking forward to trying it out. Lose a lot of your soldiers and you might not have enough reinforcements to deliver victories. Keep your soldiers alive and they will learn to fight better, turning from green rookies to crack veterans. Having a workshop is always more convenient than having to download outside programs, not to mention the fact that I would likely not be the most imaginative modder and I would prefer to have an easily accesible place where people that actually know what they are doing can provide cool mods to try out. Dismount the cavalry to become less visible to the enemy or mount for fast flanking charges and supply raids. I have done most of my testing on Legendary and AI cav generally has not been a problem unless tired or low experienced troops get caught alone. Army divisions commanders can make decisions on their own and help you control the largest army. Ultimate General Civil War Money Mod Cheat $9999999 - YouTube You have to sign into the forums to be able to download the file. It became available in Steam Early Access on 12/6/2014 and was fully released on 15/10/2014. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. I apparently forgot to update all of the perk names in the change log which isn't very useful. Hills will allow you to see enemy units earlier. Yes it would a nice move the mouse and click. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), save hide report. Cheat in this game and more with the WeMod app! Ultimate General: Civil War is a tactical wargame, immersing players into the bloodiest period of U.S. history, the American Civil War 1861-1865. Mods for Ultimate General Civil War. Winning battles also opens new possibilities for you as a general, increasing skills such as reconnaissance or political influence. Supplies are extremely important and you have to plan and defend the provisions otherwise the battle might end for you early. Certain weapons can only be captured by raiding supplies or taken from the enemy on the battlefield. That would make it easyand most important, keep it simple. J & P Rebalance Mod 09/14/2020 Update 1.27.1a, You can find the mod on the Gamelabs Forums. AI will use terrain and will take cover and retreat if overwhelmed. Campaign fully depends on player actions and battle results. Draw a defensive line and allocated brigades will defend it like lions. I look forward to trying out your mod. Thanks to both of you for your time and effort. © Valve Corporation. How do I download and use these mods?