If you stick the extra brigades you DON’T want to have fighting, in your 2nd Corps so you can concentrate on buffing the nine you DO want to bring, you can then be positive that all your upgrades will find their way to the fight. Morale also plays a much more prominent role than other popular strategy games on the market. They should never engage any target while mounted. After the war did he remain in the military or perhaps go into politics? Otherwise, one loss at a major battle could send you packing! Military rank decides how easy the enemy is to beat. Archived. All of which is affected by how you handle each battle. Thomadis has long been known as the king of TW modders, to include his DarthMod AI improvement system. Back in June 21014, the little Ukrainian software company Game-Labs LLC and designer Nick Thomadis produced a gem of a Civil War battle game on Gettysburg, 1863. While the game does not achieve the visual depth that Total War manages, the tilt-shift sprites serve just as well considering the reliance on large regiments and field movements that are typical of the period. A. Then the player chooses North or South, and based on his answers a command profile that will impact gameplay is recorded. 6) You will need a program to unzip the file such as 7zip, winzip, winrar, etc. I’d say nine times out of ten, the AI nails it and this has an interesting impact on game play. If you have 1000 veteran troops, adding 1000 rookies isn’t always the best course of action. Share Tips and Tricks 1. 3. In all battles the units are correctly labeled as to regiments (23d Pennsylvania, etc) and are rated as regards a number of factors including the specific weapon used with different specs for each. I only had a couple quibbles with this game, one that surprised me, another that did not. Barracks: Officers are a key component to your army. After an exceptionally well managed pre battle briefing, the player selects either an infantry (or cavalry) brigade or an artillery battalion and with the mouse draws where it should go and the path it has to take. And when we say equip we don’t simply mean requisition guns, we mean 12 lb Napoleon gun howitzers, 3 inch Rodman rifled artillery, Springfield infantry rifles or Sharps carbines for cavalry. The larger a unit gets, the more difficult it is to move efficiently or keep steady under fire. Cav armed with carbines are more or less mounted skirmishers. When creating a new brigade, it’ll show you how many rifles/cannons you have in your armor and how many you can buy. Can often be observed with face buried in news articles, unhealthy food, eclectic media or all three at once.