Students interested in this degree option must complete the application process noted above for the M.A. Graduate Program Overview. )Pharmaceutical Sciences (Ph.D.)Philosophy (Ph.D.)Physical Education, Sports and Exercise Science (Ph.D.)Physics (Ph.D.)Political Science (Ph.D.)Psychology (Ph.D.)Sociology (Ph.D.)Spanish and Portuguese (Ph.D.)Special Education (Ph.D., Ed.D. Enrollment in 699 should not begin prior to the semester in which the student takes the M.F.A. comprehensive examination committee and/or dissertation committee. A minimum of 18 credit hours of coursework for the doctoral degree (exclusive of dissertation credit hours) must be taken in post-master’s (i.e., doctoral) status and cannot be used for any master’s degree. )Optical Science and Engineering (I, II, III; M.S. LEAD 591. No grade may be replaced once a degree has been awarded. In order to qualify to sit for a master’s exam during the intersession, the student must be registered for the following semester. The student may choose to submit the petition to the graduate unit even if the instructor/advisor does not endorse it. Waivers are not available to international applicants. The minimum acceptable score is 550 on the paper test or 213 on the computerized test. Emphasis will be placed upon what makes successful and productive communication from both theoretical and practical perspectives. degree, a M.F.A. student is strongly encouraged to assemble a Committee on Studies to assist in planning a program of studies. They may not be appointed Chair of any new thesis/dissertation committees once retired, but may serve as Co-Chair. Development of instructional programs, human resources, and organizational improvements should be grounded in data, both qualitative and quantitative. )Biomedical Engineering (I, II, III; M.S. Students must complete departmental and university requirements for the master’s degree prior to the submission of the Application for Candidacy for the doctoral degree. A student who receives 6 or more credit hours of “Incomplete” grades in graduate-level courses are placed on Type 3 academic probation. )Statistics (I, II; M.S. )Community and Regional Planning (I, II; M.C.R.P. The committee then submits the “Report of Examination” to Graduate Studies communicating the examination results. (1-6, no limit Δ [1-3, no limit Δ]), EDUC 291. May be repeated to a maximum of 6 credits for students enrolled in a doctoral program. The committee is composed of faculty who have expertise in the requested areas and at least one member is the instructor of record in courses relating to the student’s request. Exceptions may be allowed on a case-by-case basis through a petition process initiated by the student and supported by the faculty member teaching the graduate-level course. (3). Students must adhere to copyright policies for obtaining permission to use a previously published manuscript. Course must be approved by the M.F.A. UNM is a leader in graduate and community-based public health education. To qualify for need-based awards, students must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. Digital Game-Based Learning. A letter from the student’s McNair program director is required. Modified Cohort Model: The degree program employs a modified cohort model, with admitted groups of students entering every summer. (3). Plan II requires a minimum of 32 credit hours and a written exam. A student seeking a master’s degree or a transcripted certificate should prepare and submit a Program of Studies indicating the courses that are to be counted toward the degree or certificate. Democracy, Ethics, and Social Justice in Transformational Leadership. Embargo Request Form (if requesting an embargo). Graduate units may impose stricter limitations on the time limit for completion of degree requirements. )Art Education (I, II; M.A. Assistantship appointments are usually made within the students’ academic units. Only the instructor who issued the original grade (instructor of record) may submit a change. student must prepare a written rationale for adding the particular master’s degree program, including a description of the objectives to be achieved. Notwithstanding the above, the University of New Mexico reserves the right to make changes in the curricula and degree requirements as deemed necessary, with the changes being applicable to currently enrolled students. The University of New Mexico offers several types of financial assistance for which graduate students may apply. ), to ask relevant questions; to ensure that the research and creative work reflects the independence of the thought and accomplishment of the candidate rather than excessive dependence on the guidance of a faculty member; and finally. The student must be enrolled in a minimum of one credit of graduate coursework the semester in which he/she takes the doctoral comprehensive examination. Graduate Studies does not process applications for admission, although the Dean of Graduate Studies must approve petitions for waivers or exceptions to admissions requirements.