This may have have been intended for a second obstacle. Everything About Fiction You Never Wanted to Know. Like the unused BGM files, these earlier versions of used tracks are found only in the PS3 version's files. If the name is any indication, the disk launcher was originally a homing missile launcher (the final disk launcher still has homing capabilities). +++++ |ACT 1| [1.1] +++++ ===== Mission 1: Landing ===== This missions consists of moving through one short hallway and watching some marines get sucked out into space. I really liked the white enemies, so it took me a long time to come around to the idea of making them red. Vanquish is a Third-Person Shooter from Platinum Games, and is the brain child of the man responsible for Resident Evil, P.N.03, God Hand and many other famous Capcom games, Shinji Mikami.Said by many to be what it would be like for Master Chief and Bayonetta to have a child and get him raised by the folks of Gears of War, living next door to an arcade mecca. Thanks to all the staff that worked so hard on them. This would have been used at some point after gaining access to the bridge with the laser cannons, but before entering the hallway to the crystal viper's arena. It is one of the main points of Vanquish I want to recommend to people. dum is engrish for dam. so this may have appeared earlier, perhaps when Elena warns you about the electromagnetic interference; this area uses a sound effect-based background noise instead. An early version of the track heard during the conversation in the hallway right before the fight with Burns. There is an instrument first heard at 0:32 that was removed from the final. Its model is a scaled-down Jellyfish-M, which is in turn a smaller Jellyfish-L without Jellyfish-Ms stuck to its outside. This game has unused models. Its name was translated in each language's respective ui_hud file: Appears to be a terrestrial version of the Light Transport vehicle, with dual mounted machine guns and tank treads. A small robotic hercules beetle with rear thrusters. This might be a response to the above line. This would have been used in 3-6 after the first Unknown battle but before entering the Kreon's inner core. This page was last edited on 15 May 2020, at 15:13. A duplicate file titled st_besieged_wav.aax also exists, possibly referring to the "siege" in 4-1's penultimate battle that immediately precedes the dam. Found in the enemies directory is this full-bodied render of Elena, who does not appear outside of FMV cutscenes and codec messages (a different model of only her upper torso and head are used to animate her message portrait). Zaitsev's also got one. A bass-heavy early version of the battle theme against both Argus forms in 2-3. Burns: Marines complete the mission. "C'mon, you apes! This game has unused music. Wow this is obnoxious. A duplicate of this track exists with the name st_dam_wav.aax. Elena's holographic support console qualifies, with all kinds of free-floating, touch-sensitive displays that can be pulled and slid around in a, The Bia bot is a robot scorpion that can transform into a mech wielding a massive. The only rockets in this stage are the ones fired by the Romanov(s) and Argus. Fighting even a single buzzard on the collapsing highway would have been a bit much. From the developer that brought you Bayonetta and the director of God Hand and multiple Resident Evil titles comes Vanquish, a game about rocket sliding through torrential gunfire while shooting communist robots in gratuitous slow motion. Within Sam's datfile pl000a.dat BIKE_ATTACK and BIKE_KAMAE are listed in a table of animation names. This may be the hypothetical unused obstacle Mike 7-2 stopped at in Od128_63_wav.aax. This track bears no resemblance to the motif heard in either battle with Zaitsev's Bogey suits, to which "rival" refers. A vague piece of music intended for another quick time event on the Kreon's topmost deck. This may have followed Elena's above line about the elevator, or it may have been separate. We abandoned the open battlefield and focused on making each stage as visually dense as possible. We abandoned the open battlefield and focused on making each stage as visually dense as possible. 200 in this context refers to the Kreon, and cube specifies its interior. There are two rooms that fit this description: the first is empty except for two gun racks, and the second contains a pack of Gorgie-USGs. There are plenty of option screens where this could have gone. Similar to Bia's introduction in 2-6, the Romanov-D intro speech from 3-1 is stored with the filename prefix used for 4-1.