I rarely buy Velveeta because of this. Could I use something else? Communication that started over velveeta cheese, a horrible “american” invention, right up there with margarine. We have tried this twice with 2 different brands of cheese, and I can’t get the cheese to melt after making the block of “velveeta”. It looked just like melted Velveeta. After 45 minutes, stir well to homogenize the milk, and slowly fold in rennet. I will give this a try soon! I am going to make this soon and keep I used a blender and wished i would have used my processor. I’d love to try this to purposely make homemade velveet haha. Sorry, there was a problem saving your cookie preferences. http://whatisthatingredient.com/product.php?id=20 It firmed up just like velveeta, but with tiny chunks still of cheddar. Oh no no, it is definitely in the mac n cheese aisle in my store and not refrigerated, which is why I hardly buy it either – it freaks me out thinking about what kind of preservatives they put in there. Looks and tastes like real velveeta, smooth, creamy, and not too salty. We don’t get Velveeta in the UK and I’ve often Googled substitutes and found that there aren’t really any, so I’ll definitely be making your homemade version! Hello and welcome! Except the individually wrapped slices of Velveeta–like American cheese slices. Fill your sink with 110° to 120°F water, and set the pot containing the curds into the sink. Or monterey jack, swiss, and cheddar. Sorry I’m not too fimiliar with baking measurement .. I’ve just discovered your blog (not sure where I’ve been). You said that you can use the non fat powdered milk is this velveeta recipe, so can you use it also to make your american cheese. But thanks to food sensitivities I no longer can have American cheese. http://www.cookin-at-home.com/2015/05/homemade-velveeta-cheese.html, http://www.bobsredmill.com/non-fat-dry-milk-powder.html. Good point, Kathy! This is awesome! Cross my fingers! Add a bit of parmesan or my personal favorite, Romano, for a better bite. By the way, please pardon my obsession with phrases, but it’s “toe the line”, not “tow”. I’m not sure how well this would freeze. Started like I was making Alfredo sauce by melting butter in saucepan adding flour or cornstarch then milk. Try again. It is definelty an American thing. Let’s all just pancake whatever beach we dogfood. I now live in SE Asia & a friend found a can of Ro-tel tomatoes for 5x the cost of normal. Hi Marcie, I’ve never tried it before it set up, so I couldn’t say for sure how it would turn out. : Regional Recipes for the World's Favorite Chile-Cheese Dip: Regional Recipes for the World's Favorite Chile-Cheese Dip [a Cookbook], PROCESSED CHEESES – MARKET INTEREST TREND : A REPORT, The Tex-Mex Cookbook: A History in Recipes and Photos, Delicious Macaroni and Cheese Recipes: Try Some Homemade Pasta Everyone Will Love, The Art of Living According to Joe Beef: A Cookbook of Sorts, Quick Cooking - Fast Fixin' Recipes with Velveeta Process Cheese Spread (Illustrated), Who Put the Devil in Deviled Eggs? I gotta give this a try. Amazing Michelle…. Look at the multitude of canned cheese sauces and spreads!!! I am SO excited to try this, we LOVE cheese and this would be great for so many things. TIA :). And yes, 7 grams = 0.25 ounces. Slowly heat the curds to 100°F, stirring frequently. They are often made from the milk of cows fed GMO feeds and administered growth hormones and antibiotics, heated to very high temperatures during processing, and doused with a variety of preservatives. Why would you take cheese and then turn it into something gross? Approved third parties also use these tools in connection with our display of ads. Queso dip, here I come! Any thoughts? Allow to set at this temperature for 2 to 3 hours. Luckily, there is a natural, delicious substitute for Velveeta in all your favorite recipes: real, organic cheese. As soon as we get a new fridge. Michelle, all french citizen Thank You for that receipe as we do not find Velveeta in France. Hi Michelle, If I am going to use this in a recipe in which I am going to be melting the “velvetta” , do I need to refrigerate it first and then melt it or can I just use it in its already warm melted state? I will have to keep your idea in mind the next time I make this (and there will be a next time). Line a small loaf pan with plastic wrap, covering all sides and leaving excess to hang over the sides. WOW! I did just that! I feel like I inadvertently made something like homemade velveeta recently. Many of you have asked for possible substitutions when it comes to Velveeta, so when a high school friend of mine posted a link on Facebook of a homemade version, I knew immediately that I wanted to give it a try for you. When the cheese melted in the pot the consistency was terrible. Thanks!! Transferred to a blender and all went well from there. Velveeta in Wal Mart Stores across 12 states has been taken off the shelves due to fear of food-borne illness. Sadly, unless it is organic, even real cheese is made with milk from GMO-fed cows.