Hey, nice work. This will help your door from not sagging and make it easier to close and make sure the lock lines up with the locking bolt. I made it out of sheet metal, you just need to bend it couple of times. Hey, well as shown in the video, I used a simple spray paint can and wrapped a wire around it. Next, I moved on to the item discharging unit. Dimensions are in .STEP file, just open it in any program that can open it. Please have machine make and model number ready and a detailed description of the problem ready before contacting us. Next, I continued with adding the container on the horizontal slider. Or just let it be? On the coin mechanisms, always keep the coin path clean because coins have a tendacy to be filthy. Cheers! We are both somewhat new to electronics & robotics. It became a little messy with that much wires but everything worked properly. HowToMechatronics is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Because I try using Tower Pro MG995 360 degree, but it seem like the motor not act like the desired what actually in the video. If your office or place of work is on the health craze our new healthy vending service can help. You can connect them any pins, but you will have to define them in the code appropriately. By the way, this is a wonderful project! This will help your door from not sagging and make it easier to close. Building a vending machine with my two young kids thanks to you. From Business: We are an owner-operated vending machine … You can either simply cut off the end of the cable and use the positive and negative terminals of the adapter as indicated in the circuit diagram, or you can use a Female power jack so that you don’t have to cut the adapter cable. For that purpose I used some small pieces of wood which I joint them together using a wood glue. Also, check connections going to all these components, they have a tendency to get loose over time. What can we do? Just have to recalculate the dimensions. Being a newbie in the vending machine Busines I was really careful as to who I would have doing repairs to My machines. Modern vending machines are "high tech" and frequently contain electronic parts that set prices, calculate customer purchases, and control the … First I fastened the motor on an 8 mm MDF board, then added a supporting piece of wood to it, and also secured the slotted part to it. In this project we will learn how to make an Arduino based DIY vending machine. I am building a vending machine similar to yours and I purchased the same continuous rotation servos. These are some very basic repair and preventive maintenance tips for the newbies or dummies. My questions are in the comments of the code. , Could you tell me the size and number of bearings, screws, bolts, and pulleys used in this work? I continued with installing the horizontal timing belt. Outsourced service; for greater efficiency, business growth & improved profits. This website uses cookies to improve user experience.