Your email address will not be published. When moving any object of heavy weight it is best to take some precautions. Best Home Safes On The Market – 2017 Buyer Guide, How to Move a Gun Safe With a Dolly The Right Way (And Avoid Disaster), Best Gun Safe Dehumidifier For Keeping Firearms Dry (2017 Guide), Best Bedside Gun Holsters for Your Bedtime Protection (2017 Guide), Best Bedside Gun Safe For Your Safety – 2017 Buying Guide. Start at the top of the stairs with one person holding onto the handles of the dolly. All rights reserved. 1000 lbs. Self Moving Tips for Do-It-Yourself Moves, Pros and cons of shipping a car to another country, 5 signs you’re not mentally ready to move out, Should I move abroad? You should have at least two people on the stairs to physically hold and guide the dolly down the steps one step at a time. Get the best gun safe reviews, deals, and information. Also welding the screw eye closed was absolutely necessary, as it began to open with each crank of the handle. I had a “Professional” moving company tell me “No problem, we move these things all the time!” They showed up with an appliance dolly; well let me tell you something: An 800lb gun safe is not a refrigerator! Luckily the smaller ones that are designed to hold smaller firearms are much lighter and therefore easier to carry. If you are out of ideas or do not have the right equipment there is no need to worry because there is still hope! fortunately did not hade to negotiate any stairs. Unless you are a very strong person, getting the heavy object to start moving safely is going to be at least a two man job. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Tip it up and put golf balls under it need one person to put the balls under It but can roll it where ever. Safe. Required fields are marked *. Yes, if a gun safe or a safe for valuables could be moved around effortlessly, then that alone would effectively defeat its original purpose. With three helpers we carefully tilt the safe and place one pipe halfway under the safe. In the event that you did buy a safe weighing about 700 lbs it is a good idea to have it located in your basement. Laundry rooms are frequently used and greatly needed – especially in the weeks prior to... Moving house is a struggle – both physically and emotionally. It's a pretty quiet method too, the homeowner never even knew I was there! The first thing you want to make note of is the weight of the safe and the weight capacity of your dolly. If you have firearms in your home, owning a gun safe is your fundamental responsibility. How Strong Should the Dolly Be? This dolly may be used for moving cabinet-shaped loads like gun safes, money vaults, document safes, soda vending machines, server cabinets, refrigerators, heavy boxes, furniture, and containers. What's the Best Handgun Safe For the Money. It is important to get a steady push so that everything is under control and the safe doesn’t fall forward. I can not stress enough using QUALITY HEAVY DUTY EQUIPMENT, and screwing big screw eyes into wall studs!