Confectionery vending machine became widespread in the 1920s, and juice vending machines became popular in the late 1950s and 1960s. Suitability:Cafes,Canteens,Hospitals,Hotels,Schools,Subway,Supermarket,Malls,meeting rooms,stores,professional studios,waiting rooms etc.TCN Remote Management SystemTCN Remote Management System is a cloud-based web manageability service that can be accessed from anywhere on any compatible devices including PC, smart phones, tablets and so on to remotely manage and monitor your clusters of vending machines in disperse locations.With TCN remote management system service, the vending operators can manage their vending machine in more efficient and profitable manners, benefited from the comprehensive and easy-to-use features with real-time data, such as centralized inventory management, consolidated sales management and tracking, cash collection trace ability, stock replenishment management. » Snack & Drink Vending Machine However, after the 2000s, as the world is moving to a more digital age, the number of vending machines in Japan has decreased to 5.03 million and the sales amount has also been decreasing gradually. » Snack Vending Machine, Bank,Supermarket,Airport,Train station,Hospital,Shopping mall,Park,Zoo,Scenic area,Pharmacy(drugstore),Office,Hotel,Subway station,School, Maximum about 70choices(canned/bottle/box-packed product), About360~800pcs (according to size of goods). Regarding the development of advanced technology, Japanese vending machines provide more services by selling different kinds of products. [32][33], Let's Pizza is the name of a vending machine that makes fresh pizza from scratch. More than 70 national patents.3.15 years for vending machines.4.150,000 square meters workshop .5.Large production capacity more than 150,000 units.6.Large cost advantage.7.International automatic assembly line.8.Professional after-sales service team.9.Imported high-performance compressor,bill and coin payment system.10.Strong TCN management system and there is no annual fee. It set up separate companies in various territories to manufacture vending machines to sell not just chocolate, but cigarettes, matches, chewing gum and soap products.[6]. Condom machines are often placed in public toilets, subway stations, airports or schools as a public health measure to promote safe sex. [39] The vending machine began in Italy and is now spreading into the United Kingdom and becoming popular there. [55], A patent for an "automatic goods vending machine" was filed in 1888 in Japan; early surviving vending machines from around the 1900s include one that dispenses stamps and postcards, and one that dispenses sake. [11] In the United States, almost all machines accept bills with more and more machines accepting $5 bills, along payment from traditional debit and credit cards, or a mobile payment system. Newer technologies at a lower cost of adoption, such as the large digital touch display, internet connectivity, cameras and various types of sensors, more cost-effective embedded computing power, digital signage, various advanced payment systems, and a wide range of identification technology (NFC, RFID, etc)