Just a drop of a coin and a push of a button to get a fresh snack or a thirst quenching ice cold drink. Understanding how important hydration is for health and wellbeing, we also offer the latest in water coolers and hot water tap solutions. Apart from discussing the latest office gossip or sports results, snack machines also provide a great location for informal interdepartmental discussions and brainstorming. Canteens with strict serving times can restrict productivity. www.selectavending.de. Putting coffee at the heart of your workplace keeps your staff feeling motivated and valued. We install and take care of everything - our merchandisers will ensure your Express HUB remains stocked and fresh, and payments are through a secure self-serve checkout so you don’t need to staff it. Vending machines with touchscreen and cashless options, making them convenient for your staff to use. And better employee engagement leads to 26% better profitability. If you use a managed vending service, the task of filling and looking after your machine is unburdened. Weiterleitung zu Employers and their employees alike can appreciate these healthy vending machines because they have a large selection of healthy, yet tasty snacks, that give energy for long shifts or hard days. Job Description for Retail Purchasing & Receiving, How to Run a Successful Consignment Store. People enjoy working in environments that feel personal to them. They boost productivity and have the advantage of being easy to manage. They can be a very useful tool for a company, especially if they are placed strategically in strategic … Your staff’s enjoyment of high-quality coffee on the high street is changing their expectations within the workplace too. We provide full insurance cover on all of our vendors at no cost to you. This encourages employees to continue working without downing tools even then they are on breaks creating a more fluid work flow. Take your pick from our large range of snacks, drinks, chocolate, sweets, coffee, flowers, ice and surprise your employees with an array of convenient food and drink options. Whether you are a small enterprise or a large corporate entity, snack vending machines are always popular and can even improve business. If the machine allows debit or credit cards, you must pay transaction fees. Another down side is the ease of access to the machine, which may result in your employees wasting five to 10 minutes each time they need a quick snack. Being able to lease the snack machines gives you the opportunity to try out the machines without any significant financial commitment. these graphics on your own web-site or in any other public or commercial manner or redistribute any portion of it, unless you are a licensee of our products. We provide an easy hassle free vending machine service. Plus, they work well with fitness and programs designed for wellness incentives. To meet this need, we have our new, innovative Express HUB MicroMarket concept – a fully managed retail solution inside your organisation. And they work their best when they know that you care about their wellbeing. The number of cups of coffee being drunk at work is increasing. Once the UKV snack machine is installed it requires minimum input. Keeping your staff onsite also provides you with more opportunities to engage them in lunchtime activities that can help boost morale and employee engagement. But vending machines are helpful in other ways too…. When you subsidize a cafeteria in your building, you may be taking money away from the operation because employees use the vending machines instead. The answer is yes. Vending machines help people optimise their lives. Photographs of the above drink vending machines are provided for illustration purpose only. Plan to pay taxes on the income you make from the machine, requiring additional time for an employee to gather and organize sales data. More and more businesses are opting for flexible working solutions and increasingly creating modern offices with a focus on positive company culture and employee wellbeing. Our cold and sparkling water coolers for the workplace use the latest purification technology to refresh and revitalise your staff, whilst our hot water taps combine both style and function. Can I Pay an Employee Less Than Minimum Wage If I Also Provide Meals? A refreshment service for small offices or sites where space is limited. It also means you don’t have to pay any other of the other costs associated with employing staff. Altogether, this means lower overheads for your organisation. The Selecta UK website uses cookies to provide you with a better browsing experience, analyse traffic & collect advertising cookies for website optimisation. To get your new machine call us … Vending machines can help you optimise your life and make your working day much more productive. Upon submitting this form you agree to the terms stated in our Privacy Policy. High volume, bean to cup coffee with powdered milk, available 24/7. Never wait for the catering truck to drive up. THE BRIGHT TEA CO. and LOVE THE LEAF are trademarks of Lavazza S.P.A and its affiliates, ALTERRA, FLAVIA. All of our water systems, including our office water dispensers, are environmentally friendly, connected directly to the mains, reducing waste and eliminating the need for large water bottles. Vending machines give you the flexibility to work in a way that suits you best.