I thought, here’s an independent, takes no corporate money, says exactly what he believes. Recently released from the Vermont Department of Corrections. © 2020 www.burlingtonfreepress.com. But I expanded it to an 18-point victory two years ago, to now be running for governor against the guy who was lieutenant governor who became governor, which is Republican Phil Scott. But we know that some have more enriching environments and more challenging environments. You’ve got to make inroads with the doughnut. You have to make sure it has a voice in the process, and that the policies we produce reflect the energy that’s out there around a social, economic, and environmental future for everybody. We need a campaign finance system that would allow for more choices and more people to run. So, the Everyone Eats program is producing 18,500 meals a week through our restaurants using some local products to feed hungry people. Their monthly bills would go down even if they were paying back some of the money, and we would immediately be putting people to work in $15- or $17-an-hour jobs weatherizing people’s homes, solarizing people’s homes, saving working people money while putting working-class, non-college graduates to work with a stable living. The party has stated that if Cris Ericson wins the primary, "they would likely issue a “non-endorsement.”" On election night the progressive nomination was listed as too close to call. Photo: Jesse Warren. Tell us about your history running for office that led to your current leadership as lieutenant governor of Vermont. When I ran for the Senate, I ran as a “fusion candidate.” I did it in part to say, “Look, instead of running third-party solely, I will do what Democrats have asked for Progressives to do, which is run in the Democratic primary.”, Now, they meant “become Democrats.” But that isn’t the word they said — they said “running in the Democratic primary.” And I said, “I’m happy to do that, I will carry the banner. But because voting cycles are every couple of years in order to get reelected, you’ve got to make sure you solve today’s problem. Bernie mentored me in a lot of ways, in terms of just being straightforward, being clear about what you stand for. I’d like to see there be more options for people. Our questions are simple: what did Bernie accomplish, why did he fail, what is his legacy, and how should we continue the struggle for democratic socialism? We’re Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary. And I wasn’t very enthralled with the political system and the corporate money involved. Scott seeks a third term, but will forego a campaign and fundraising", "Margolis: 'Rural populist' and GOP newcomer announces candidacy for governor", "Vermont Election Results - Official Results", "Lt. Gov. Throughout the summer, they get those vegetables all summer and season long. If we were to sequester half of the Trump tax cuts to the top 5 percent of Vermonters, we would have about $100 to $120 million a year, which, for Vermont, is a lot of money. Please contact usif you notice a candidate missing from the list or a candidate who withdrew still listed. About: Landscaper and joint owner of the Green Reaper plant nursery in South Ryegate. Another $20 million a year could go into weatherizing people’s homes — particularly working-class Vermonters, and fixed-income seniors who don’t have the money up front to weatherize their homes. The core hole in the middle is the urban area, and the donut itself is suburban, upper-middle-class people. On November 18, 2019, he confirmed that he was running for reelection, but has not yet publicly announced his campaign. He outspent me, ran negative ads, and I won by 6 percent. Already on our list? And at a rural county fair, a rugged, older Vermonter with a big gray beard came up to him and said, “Bernie, I disagree with you on almost every position you have.