Welcome to The Viall Files, the podcast that talks about relationships. BUTCHER BOX: butcherbox.com/viall for TWO pounds of ground beef in every box for the life of their subscription. Did he ever say more than I like you throughout the relationship? Don't miss an episode of “The Viall Files” and subscribe to it in the radio.net app. All Rights Reserved. is asking how to forgive him. TRUVANI: Text FILES to 64000 to get the Protein Powder gift pick or $29.99Episode Socials: © 2020 The Viall Files. All content for The Viall Files is the property of Kast Media and is served directly from their servers with no modification, redirects, or rehosting. with Garcelle Beauvais. He tells us what actually happened between him and Madi, what he thinks of Barb’s reaction during ATFR, and what’s going on with Kelley. She shares all of her thoughts while being vulnerable, honest, and fun today on Viall Files. Today on The Viall Files we are joined by actress and stand up comedian Esther Povitsky. We love to laugh, be silly, and get deep! And finally we have a caller that is dating her friend’s brother- again- and it did not go well the first time. Plus, he shares the story of what went down when he first met Kelley.Buckle your seatbelts, guys! On Mondays, listeners call in for a live version of the popular Instagram series "Questions with Nick." On today's episode of Ask Nick we dive right in with a caller who wants to know: when should you intervene in a friend's toxic relationship and how involved should you get? She has got some hot leads and some homes for sale too. "I should have asked her for some tips.” Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode and as always send in your relationship questions to asknick@kastmedia.com to be a part of our Monday episodes. THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS:BETTER HELP: BetterHELP.com/viallfiles for 10% off your first month.MASTERCLASS: masterclass.com/viall for 15% off an annual membership.BRUUSH: brush.com use code VIALL at checkout for 15% your Bruush kit.HELLOFRESH: hellofresh.com/viallfiles80 use code viallfiles80 to get a total of $80 off your first month including free shipping on your first box.NOMINATE THE VIALL FILES FOR POP PODCAST OF 2020: https://pca.eonline.com/pop-culture/the-pop-podcast-of-2020Episode Socials: @viallfiles@nickviall@crishell.stause, It’s Monday! If you've ever wanted to know about champagne, sat... S E178: Sex Is Off The Table With Esther Povitsky. BUTCHER BOX: Go to ButcherBox.com/VIALL for two pounds of ground beef in every box for the life of their subscription. Next, we speak with someone whose boyfriend is sending d*ck pics to other people when she is not around and collects nudes as a hobby. Racism is the topic of our next conversation, when a woman wants to bring her black love interest to a wedding with her family that she believes is racist.