Not only are they wonderful, insightful texts, they were my source of inspiration for this meta. This article was originally published on 23 January 2017. But I’m not here to talk about the case. As we’ve all seen, S4 keeps repeating themes and topics from previous series (from case titles, to music scores to props!). More intelligent people than I have written many wonderful metas about that episode in particular and S4 in general, but I would like to draw your attention to these metas by @sagestreet : Jungian interpretation of TFP and Redbeard and dogs in BBC Sherlock. Please consider turning it on! News, photos, videos and full episode guide, The tragic mystery of Sherlock’s Redbeard is finally explained, the happy place he retreated to in times of stress, This Sherlock actress could have played Queen Amidala in Star Wars, Stay up to date with the newsletter, Sherlock star Sian Brooke auditioned for each of Eurus's disguises separately, Fans are raving about the Sherlock finale after preview screening, Steven Moffat responds to fan theory about a secret fourth Sherlock episode, 13 burning questions we have after the latest episode of Sherlock. According to Holmes himself, Victor Trevor was his only friend in campus. “You never heard me talk of Victor Trevor?” he asked. Sign up to be the first to know when we launch the new website! Eurus Holmes had been following Sherlock and John closely, and it was thanks to a series of tests she put them and Mycroft through that Sherlock finally confronted the memory of Redbeard, who was actually Victor Trevor, his childhood friend. The story has a sweet, sentimental ending to it, in sharp contrast with the use of the ‘Norbury’ reference in T6T. By entering your details, you are agreeing to Radio Times privacy policy. Victor Trevor was Sherlock's best friend as a child. Trying to help his little brother, Mycroft teaches Sherlock how to lock away his heart from the world and become imune to sentiment. SHERLOCK: “Childhood trauma masked by an invented memory. But there was someone they didn’t include in their games, and that’s where the tragedy began. Boring!”, Secondly, the Mind Palace sequence in HLV tells us that Redbeard was put down for some reason. I’m here to talk about the character Holmes introduces in his story (and never mentions again) - Victor Trevor. SPOILERS: Sherlock's beloved dog was the key to a dark childhood truth that had huge repercussions on the rest of his life. Already have an account with us? Please drop by @thepersianslipper on tumblr to read all the comments by other users. He learned that caring for someone will end in loneliness and heartbreak. left kudos on this work! A warm welcome and live entertainment in Bournemouth, right next to the beach, with a family room option, breakfast, two-course dinner and prosecco. Sherlock, we’re told, was “different after” Trevor’s death, which may explain why he retreated into himself and why he remembered Redbeard as a dog – in order to protect himself from the horrible truth. It makes way more sense than his being a masked childhood trauma. If in BBC Sherlock Redbeard is Sherlock’s dog, we can assume Redbeard bit Victor. Thirdly, we know that whatever happened to Redbeard influenced Sherlock deeply. Our best wishes for a productive day. That resonated with me: Holmes and Trevor met because Trevor’s dog bit Holmes. Sherlock’s beloved Irish Setter – the childhood pet that represented the happy place he retreated to in times of stress – was not a dog at all, but a little boy, his six year old friend Victor Trevor (a call back to the original Sherlock Holmes stories in which Victor Trevor is revealed to be an old college friend of Holmes’s).