This new four-week Virtual Summer Camp will be offered via our website, , each weekday from July 6 to July 31. But what drives them isn’t professional recognition. The virtual camp will be June 1 to July 10 and will consist of two components: weekly activity packs that children can enjoy at home, and virtual programming … All participating camps will generate their own unique links for each video to send their campers in whatever way they choose. It’s their deep connections to their own camp experiences, it’s their empathy for other parents, and it’s their desire to bring joy, happiness, fun, and laughter to a summer that badly needs it. The hope is to put camp into the world to help make a productive, healthier, and happier summer. Every camp, but especially those that have had to make the difficult choice to close this summer, is looking for ways to keep their kids engaged through long distance outreach. The team also chose to work with UNICEF USA because of the safe environment it provides. Join us for our upcoming informational webinar about CAMP@HOME. You can either request a future topic for us to cover, or if you need answers NOW we've created exactly 256 training videos that cover every facet of the CampMinder system which you can watch any time. It’s that spirit and need that has driven Karen Gruenberg, Abby Pecoriello, and Robyn Nish Friedman to form a company called S’more Ideas and launch, Gruenberg and Pecoriello have deep roots in kids media. Camps that join will gain access to more than 75 short videos featuring our favorite summer activities, including sports, arts and crafts, games, and more. Understanding this, CAMP@HOME was developed in such a way that camps can still create their own schedules – all the content will be available at once and the videos can be watched on any day and in any order. © 2019 CampMinder, LLC, All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service, SIGN UP FOR YOUR INFORMATIONAL WEBINAR SESSION BELOW. Because they are participating not just as individuals, but also contributing to their camp’s collective point total, camps are making an impact as a unit and can celebrate that collective success. As former campers, the S’more Ideas team also understands the closeness created in a typical summer, when campers are seeing each other daily, are living together, and are functioning as a collective community. All three are also camp people – campers, counselors, and camp parents – and are as passionate about their new project as they are about which color war team they were on. After watching the videos, campers will then spend time off screen putting everything they learned into action. It's natural to wonder if you now need to be a chef, summer camp counselor, and activities director—all while balancing work and other responsibilities. Pecoriello and Gruenberg saw the challenges camps were facing and have built a platform that combines high-quality content for kids with everything that makes camp special. Our virtual classes are derived from our parent (International Ivy) company’s summer programs. 27 Summer Camp Activities to Spice Up the Summer Camp Atmosphere! In partnership with UNICEF USA, camps will earn points for each video watched by their campers, which will then be used to deliver much-needed supplies to communities all over the world. For camps that are closed this summer, virtual activities are an incredible way to sustain relationships with campers. CAMP@HOME can be used on its own, or in conjunction with a camp's original content. For these leaders, the idea of creating tons of content can feel overwhelming, not to mention the need for the skills, equipment, and staff to build a video library of activities. As former campers, the S’more Ideas team also understands the closeness created in a typical summer, when campers are seeing each other daily, are living together, and are functioning as a collective community. It allows camps to customize their online programs to meet their specific schedules and needs without having to develop the content on their own. We'll be joined by the founders of CAMP@HOME who will explain how the tool works and how the partnership with UNICEF USA helps kids make a difference in the world this summer. Morning Tech Camps: Monday to Friday – 10am to 1pm Eastern Time Zone (7am to 10am Pacific Time Zone). For camps who have questions, or want more information, CampMinder will be hosting a walk-through webinar with the CAMP@HOME team on June 23. Book Club – Harry Potter, Grades 5 and up, Business Entrepreneurship Club, Grades 6-8, Collaborative Storytelling Club – Grades 3-5, Debate and Criminal Justice Club for High Schoolers – Grades 9-11, Debate and Public Speaking Club for Middle Schoolers – Grades 6-8, Debate and Public Speaking Club for Older Elementary Students – Grades 4-5, Science – Future Physicians Club – Grades 6-8, Science – Kitchen Chemistry Club – Grades 5-7, Short Film Club – Animation Greats – Grades 3-5, Tech – Minecraft 3D Animation CLASS – Grades 5-8, Tech – Minecraft 3D Animation CLUB – Grades 5-8, Tech – Roblox Game Development CLASS – Grades 5-8, Tech – Roblox Game Development CLUB – Grades 5-8.