We see several opportunities to generate significant value creation and returns. In mature markets we need to focus on deepening engagement with our existing customers, primarily by selling ‘one more product’ to grow revenue and lower churn. For FY20 we will adopt IFRS 16 for our statutory reporting. broadband, family SIMs, TV), up-selling new experiences (such as tiered offers based on quality of service and/or higher This is because apps use data rather than our network's call or messaging gateways. Our strategy is to drive growth and deepen our existing mobile customer relationships by cross-selling additional services including NGN fixed, IoT, and Cloud services. Our focus on energy efficiency, renewable energy supply and network waste will help us to mitigate the growth of our business and our customer’s increasing demand for data. In 2018, we rebranded our former Enterprise division as ‘Vodafone Business’, in order to increase our brand recognition as we broaden the services we offer. Under the leadership of our new Chief Executive, Nick Read, the Board has evolved the Group’s strategy to respond to ongoing industry headwinds. Find out how to set up a bar. We monitor our network for nuisance callers and shut them down as soon as we find them. In FY20 we expect an adjusted EBITDA range of €13.8–14.2 billion on an organic basis, based on guidance FX rates and under IFRS 15/16 accounting standards. Chat to us for a faster response. Our goal is to improve one billion lives and halve our environmental impact by 2025. We are optimistic about how technology and connectivity can enhance the future and improve people’s lives. We’re committed to keeping you connected. Some Android phones might say you’ll be charged for this text – ignore this message. We have already achieved significant savings through scale and standardisation in some of our operations. In fixed, we are upgrading our cable infrastructure to deliver Gigabit speeds. Our announced acquisition of Liberty Global’s cable assets in Germany and Central and Eastern Europe (‘CEE’) targets expected cost and capex savings of €535 million by the fifth full year post completion, with an NPV of €6 billion including integration costs. Stay connected with our email alert service, Follow us on social media fo the latest updates, /sites/vodafone-ir/files/vodafone/results/2020-2-f-report.pdf, /sites/vodafone-ir/files/vodafone/results/2020-20-f.zip, /sites/vodafone-ir/files/vodafone/results/2019/190910-digital-first-vodafone.pdf, /sites/vodafone-ir/files/vodafone/results/2019/2019-20f-report.pdf, /sites/vodafone-ir/files/vodafone/results/2019/2019-20f.zip, /sites/vodafone-ir/files/vodafone/results/2019/190314-vodafoneziggo-open-office…, /sites/vodafone-ir/files/vodafone/results/2019/190830-tpg-vha-merger.pdf, /sites/vodafone-ir/files/vodafone/results/2019/190509-liberty-germany-cee-acqui…, /sites/vodafone-ir/files/vodafone/results/2018/2018-20f-report.pdf, /sites/vodafone-ir/files/vodafone/results/2018/2018-20f.zip, /sites/vodafone-ir/files/vodafone/results/2017/170919-fixed-convergence-site-vi…, /sites/vodafone-ir/files/vodafone/results/2017/170919-fixed-convergence-open-of…, /sites/vodafone-ir/files/vodafone/results/2017/170911-german-gigabit-investment…, /sites/vodafone-ir/files/vodafone/results/2017/2017-20f-report_0.pdf, /sites/vodafone-ir/files/vodafone/results/2019/190301-vodafone-idea-merger.pdf, /sites/vodafone-ir/files/vodafone/results/2016/160929-germany-open-office.pdf, /sites/vodafone-ir/files/vodafone/results/2016/2016-20f_0.pdf, /sites/vodafone-ir/files/vodafone/results/2015/2015-20f.pdf, /sites/vodafone-ir/files/vodafone/results/2013-2/2014-20f.pdf, /sites/vodafone-ir/files/vodafone/results/2013-2/140317-ono-acquisition.pdf, /sites/vodafone-ir/files/vodafone/results/2013/130624-kdg-acquisition.pdf, /sites/vodafone-ir/files/vodafone/results/2013/2013-20f.pdf, /sites/vodafone-ir/files/vodafone/results/2012/2012-20f.pdf, /sites/vodafone-ir/files/vodafone/results/2011/2011-20f.pdf, /sites/vodafone-ir/files/vodafone/results/2010/2010-20f.pdf, /sites/vodafone-ir/files/vodafone/results/2009/2009-20f.pdf, /sites/vodafone-ir/files/vodafone/results/2008/2008-20f-report.pdf, /sites/vodafone-ir/files/vodafone/results/2001/2001-20f-report.pdf.