That role is implicit in his epithet as "Tyrant of the Crossroads" when we understand the crossroads as the intersection of life and death. I liked him best as warchief because he seemed much more grounded. Pour l'instant, le récit se termine par un haut fait intitulé "Le chasseur des ombres". She was truly devastated that Vol'jin died, and that is saying a lot coming from Sylvanas. No other Non-Forsaken character could have inspired Sylvanas the way that Vol'jin did. However, during the pre-expansion questline, Vol'jin was poisoned and perished from it. That cinematic was incredible, and yet the response to it was a bunch of unimaginative brats crying about it, and closing their minds, and their hearts off to the potential future, and off to the fact that death in Warcraft doesn't mean &*! Use the Force Sylvanas. Hoping it's good ;). Le roi Rastakhan a payé ce combat de sa vie et vous êtes invité à lui rendre un dernier hommage à Dazar'alor. Especially the Loa..... if they had actually learned about the history of Vol'jin, his people, their "religion".... the other Trolls who have become spirits and played a part in the story after they "died"..... then they would as clear as day seen that Vol'jin has been being groomed, and has been set up to become a very important character as a Loa(a spirit if you will). Additionally other Forsaken were shown at the Funeral Pyre and praising and pledging to avenge Vol'jin.Sylvanas walked up to Vol'jin all swinging her shoulders, and looking so cunning and ruthless, and then after Vol'jin's last words and death, it left her standing there completely lost and devastated. C'est un Loa d'une puissance phénoménale et il peut très bien avoir ses raisons. After the orcs departed, a large group of Darkspears also sailed for Kalimdor. I miss him :(Comment by Vordred on 2019-03-17T18:34:22-05:00 “There was a presence. My dk was one of the first on my server. The point of Sylvanas reaction was so completely missed. The point of Sylvanas reaction was so completely missed. Too many people focused on Sylvanas instead of the symbolism. Not even close..... and I've been saying that his story now has limitless potential to become something greater than it ever could have been if he was still alive.I honestly don't understand how someone could watch his death cinematic and actually be convinced that it's the end of Vol'jin's story line. Which is why the cinematic is so significant. Sylvanas generally isn't a character that cares about anyone but herself, and her people(The Forsaken). Anyone have any idea for a beta release? Comment by Caerule on 2019-03-17T18:44:03-05:00.