Papa Valley Wagyu consistently offers the highest quality of Wagyu beef. Wagyu (WA meaning Japanese and GYU meaning cow) Beef. Wagyu breeding as per the South African Wagyu breed definition, All males castrated prior to 5 months of age, provide a consistent message to consumers regarding Wagyu beef as a product, provide the Wagyu industry with the opportunity to market and brand the Wagyu product appropriately and. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. protect the investment made by Wagyu South Africa members. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Direct from Australia, we source our Kobe-style wagyu from the best producers in the world. Genuine Wagyu beef from Japan can command prices of up to $50 for a mere 100g. Included in our selection of the finest beef are the choicest cuts of the highly prized Japanese wagyu, now directly from Japan.. 100% Fullblood Wagyu Steaks, Roasts, and Ground Beef so incredible, you have to taste them to comprehend!, Yakiniku Japanese Clay Ceramic Grill, Small, Wagyu Chuck Denver Steak, BMS 4-5, Frozen, +/-400g, Japanese Wagyu Ribeye, A5, 10-11, Frozen, +/-450g, Wagyu Fillet Steak, BMS 4-5, Frozen, 2 x +/-175g, Japanese Wagyu Fillet, A5, Grade 2, Frozen, 200g, Wagyu Tomahawk, Frozen, BMS 6-7, +/-1.9kg, Japanese Wagyu Sirloin, A5 10-11, Frozen, +/-250g, Japanese Wagyu Fillet, A5, Grade1, Frozen, +/-200g, Japanese Wagyu Rib Cap, BMS 10-11, Frozen, +/-120g, Japanese Wagyu Sirloin A5, 10-11, Frozen, 2 x 200g, Japanese Wagyu Sirloin, A5, Frozen, 1 x +/-200g, Japanese Wagyu Sirloin A5,10-11, Frozen, 2x150g+/-, Japanese Wagyu Sirloin A5, 10-11, Frozen, +/-150g, Wagyu Beef Sirloin Steak, Frozen, +/-400g, Wagyu Beef Sirloin Steak, Frozen, 2 x 250g, Wagyu Beef Ribeye Steak, Frozen, 250g x 2. Whether it’s Wagyu beef, caviar or black truffles, some people are prepared to spend a small fortune for a culinary treat. The mission on the South African Wagyu Society is to “Wagyu South Africa’s mission is to transform the South African beef industry to be highly profitable with consumers demanding and enjoying a premium eating experience. Japanese wagyu is a truly special meat. Subscribe for updates. was. Order online steaks gourmet beef strip steaks at incredibly low prices and enjoy the very best flavor when you order online steaks gourmet beef strip steaks. For larger herds (above 50 breeding cows) a herd management programs such as, For smaller herds (less than 50 breeding cows) a Society Excel form for a) birth notifications, b) weights and traits and c) mating lists can be found. Grade 2 pieces of Wagyu fillet are just as de... A richly marbled, full rib eye steak attached to a long, exposed bone. There are very few comparisons to these exceptional steaks. Each diner dips thin slices of the wagyu beef for a few seconds into steaming pot of broth flavoured with mushrooms, greens and sea kelp then eats it with a variety of sauces. Hierdie plek is beskikbaar teen slegs R200 per week / This advertising space is available for only R200 per week. The flavour is truly outstanding and a great choice for those who are unfamiliar with wagyu. Buy from and experience the best meat you've ever tasted. You must, however, purchase a minimum of 11 pounds, which brings your total to $1,199.99 — a $300 discount from the full price $1,499.99. Most leading retailers in South Africa sell Wagyu. Densely marbled steaks melt in the mouth when seasoned and seared briefly in a hot pan. Tomahawks are perfect for a special occasion, and this stunning Wagyu cut will deliver a superior experience. These regional names then become part of the identity and authentication of the wagyu. The intricate pattern of intramuscular fat that laces through the meat makes it sensationally tender. Orders will only ship Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Delivery. The largest Wagyu population is still in Japan. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. If Wagyu penetrates only 5% of the South African market it will required 30 000 Seedstock (Stud) animals and 700 000 commercial animals. Japanese wagyu is a truly special meat. Unavailable in the UK until 2015, Ja... Fillet is the most prized cut of beef and it doesn’t get better than genuine Japanese wagyu fillet. Fullblood Wagyu Eye of Round Steak $19.50. These large steaks include the coveted cap of rib eye so they're amazing in appearance and quite a spectacle. Looking to order online steaks gourmet beef strip steaks? Simply put, we would like every South African to experience the magic that is Wagyu beef. There is a real opportunity in South Africa for domestic producers to raise their herds to the level of quality beef that is growing in demand around the world including, South Africa. 9301, Office Number: 051 492 1852 | Office Cell: +27 61 408 4123 | Postal Address for DNA samples: Postnet Suite 12,Private Bag X7003,Langenhoven Park,Bloemfontein,9301, Wagyu Newsletter deadline for advertisements, – Best of Breed Genetics Sale, Animal Breeding Diploma course for Livestock Farmers,,, Click on this link for a new Certified Wagyu Beef Video, Remember to subscribe to our Wagyu South Africa Youtube channel for recent updates, © Wagyu South Africa | Website Designed by, Any animal sired by a WSA registered sire which is Fullblood or Purebred (see Appendix 1 for.