A six-issue miniseries ran cover-dated January to June 1992. She takes the head of one to a doctor and an expedition is set up to retrieve more samples. [26], The Warlord appeared in the Justice League Unlimited episode "Chaos at the Earth's Core" voiced by Paul Guilfoyle. Created by writer-artist Mike Grell, he debuted in 1st Issue Special #8 (Nov. Following a crash-landing of his plane at the North Pole while fleeing Russian airspace, he discovered an entrance to a lost world in the center of the Earth filled with magic, highly advanced technology and dinosaurs. [10] A Bonus Book in issue #131 (Sept. 1988) featured artist Rob Liefeld's first work for DC.[11][12]. It's as fun as I remember, filled with monsters, swashbuckling action, and humor, although being older now it's easy to see how dated it is. Warlord is a USAF pilot and Vietnam War veteran turned barbarian super-hero in the mystical land of Skartaris. [13] The series started in April 2009,[14] featuring art by Joe Prado and Chad Hardin. There Travis, wielding his .44 AutoMag pistol and joined by scantily-dressed female barbarian Tara, became the Warlord and fought villains such as the evil sorcerer Deimos as well as various kings. 1st printing. What if you just do what you can because you should? Not to be confused with the 1965 Charlton Heston film The War Lord. Issue also has backup feature with Omac in Battle Tower. Colonel Travis Morgan of the United States Air Force is attacked while on a reconnaissance mission over Russia. John Carter: Warlord of Mars #11 Story: Ron Marz, Ian Edgington Art: Ariel Medel Covers: Fritz Casas, Abhishek Malsuni, Emanuela Lupacchino, Jonathan Lau, Bart Sears…. Warlord is a gifted swordsman, military strategist, as well as leader. For the British comic, see. It never HAS been explained and it is unlikely it ever will be. Fleeing towards the Arctic Circle, he is forced to abandon his dying aircraft in Yukon Territory, and parachu 1st Issue Special#8 is an issue of the series 1st Issue... From breaking news and entertainment to sports and politics, get the full story with all the live commentary. DC announced in July 2008 that The Warlord would return in an ongoing series written by Mike Grell in time for the original series' 35th anniversary. We’d love your help. He then exterminated the Mnnzz' Guthir tribe of the Savage Land, except for their Princess, Xantia. [19] Grell is caricatured in The Warlord's first appearance, 1st Issue Special #8 and is clearly sporting The Warlord's signature shaggy goatee. There's a good chance that Young Justice 's younger readers will be unfamiliar with Warlord, or … The series and eponymous character debuted in 1st Issue Special #8 (November 1975), and was created by Mike Grell. See more ideas about Comic covers, The warlord, Comic books. 1975). [17], Although The Warlord has a superficial resemblance to Oliver Queen,[18] he is in reality based more upon his creator Mike Grell who was a former member of the Air Force. In one story arc, Morgan even becomes the U.S. President in the far future.