Uranium. Among the achievements is a significant increase in access to piped water supply in urban areas (88% to 93%) as well as in rural areas (50% to 74%) between 1990 and 2010. No, not the stuff from Los Alamos. Nick King, pastor of the Carlsbad Mennonite Church and member of local Carlsbad advocacy group Citizens Caring for the Future testified before the committee said New Mexico, overall, should begin transitioning away from fossil fuel development and pollution concerns such as produced water but also include methane emissions. But she said that after years of budget cuts and staff attrition, the agency’s watchdog powers have been considerably weakened. During summer monsoonal rains and spring snowmelt, laboratory waste that’s been dumped into the surrounding canyons runs into the river. “Most of the people (in this area) are served by private domestic wells. And they used TCE to degrease some of the products they made. The Trump administration first repealed the Obama rule. The air field closed in 1967 and the sprawling property was turned over to the City of Roswell. Estimation of perceptions about pollution in Albuquerque, NM. New Mexico has good air and water qualities similar to main Mexico. “Because the toxicity of the vast majority of chemicals detected in produced water has simply never been studied.”, More:Oil and gas leases sales continue in New Mexico despite industry downturn during COVID-19. The New River is filled with sewage and toxic pollution. 213 facilities could not be mapped but are included in this list. Ginsburg’s death sets up what could be the sharpest Supreme Court shift in three decades. New Mexico ranks fifth among the 50 U.S. states in respect of total area and is bounded by Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas. More:New Mexico oil and gas market could take 3 more years to recover. More:New Mexico oil and gas rig counts continue drop; industry to see gradual recovery in 2020. Trump is watching TV news and testing attack lines. Privacy Policy, Copyright © 2009-2020 Numbeo. The State of New Mexico finalized changes to its produced water regulations on the oil and gas industry after months of adjustments and debate between state regulator, environmentalists and oil and gas industry leaders. Half of them have dangerous levels of uranium,” says State Environment Department Chief Scientist Dennis McQuillan. "I was planning on flying already, and I am enthusiastic we would have some more landing spots opened up," MacLean said. “Making a living in rural New Mexico with more and more regulations is diminishing our rural communities,” he said. The water appears clean, but runoff from grazing cattle and faulty septic tanks has polluted it, leaving the river with above-normal levels of E. coli bacteria. “It’s also these larger iconic New Mexico rivers that are on the chopping block and potentially open for pollution.”. New Mexico has good air and water qualities similar to main Mexico.