To translate sentences and conjugated words/phrases use the Shona Translator. It has auto-suggestion feature which will save you a lot of time getting any meaning. These laws need to be re-contextualised, expanded and amended for the protection and improved conservation of avian species of Zimbabwe. Animals, or (animal) body organs believed to be sacred to family, clan, or lineage. Nzwanzwe, the Shona name for the Quelea literally translates to hear, listen and take heed – or pay attention in Shona. About: This Shona Dictionary has 100,563 unique Shona words. For example: “Shiri inemaririro ayo” – every bird sings its own tune, meaning bad habits are hereditary. There are about 9 000 species of birds in the world; which according to ornithological research findings 640 species have been recorded in Zimbabwe. The Matobo Hills, believed to be over 3 000 million years old, are remarkable for its diversity of flora and fauna. D. Michelina Andreucci is a Zimbabwean-Italian researcher, industrial design consultant, lecturer and specialist hospitality interior decorator. Shona has a variety of regional dialects: Zezuru, Karanga, Manyika and Korekore.Written Shona is dominated by Zezuru because the economical capital of the Shona region, Harare - Zimbabwe is situated in a Zezuru region. shona nursery rhymes. By studying the behaviour of birds, the Korekore people were able to predict weather patterns such as rainfall, natural disasters and droughts and took measures to counter or alleviate the effects of the weather on their crops and society. Indigenous birdlife is an important part of our Zimbabwean heritage and needs to be preserved more so today. Of these, about 60 species are intra-African migrants, i.e. The agro-based society of the Shona Mbire peoples of ancient Zimbabwe (900-1500 AD), reveals that they were keen conservationists and observers of nature. There are many small species, however, that need protection because of their rarity and vulnerability, for example to illegal bird trade or because they are endemic to Zimbabwe. ... a Shona term meaning the ‘early rain that washes away the chaff’, remain a sore point for the people of the Matabeleland region, many of … You have two lists to look up words from, a Shona word list (default), and an English word list. The Shona word list can be accessed by clicking on the Shona radio selection, likewise the English word list can be accessed by clicking on the on the English radio selection. As traditional agronomists, the Mbire (Shona) peoples who had an intricate bird culture were also aware of the ornithology; that included the physiology, classification, ecology, behaviour and habitat of Zimbabwean bird life. VaShona Project tries to provide all variants of Shona words in the Shona Dictionary. Totems should not be consciously consumed by a member of the clan. Do not distribute or reproduce without permission. noun , class(9) dialects/origins: Karanga, Korekore, Manyika, Zezuru English translation bird A feathered vertebrate animal of the class Ares, frequently included with reptiles in a superclass Sauropsida, but distinguished by having warm blood, by being covered with feathers, and by having the fore limbs so modified as to form wings. The same can be applied to transformed verbs. This Shona Dictionary was last updated Friday, July 31, 2020 at 6:00:42 PM GMT-04:00. She is a published author in her field. To illustrate the familiarity of birds in the lives of traditional Mbire (Shona), people are examples of indigenous names of birds that are usually based on the birds’ field characters. You can get meaning of any English word very easily. Chirara mwana wangu | Enda Kunorara | Let’s go to Sleep Shona Lullaby | Zimbabwean African Lullabies - Duration: 11:51. Shona has a variety of regional dialects: Zezuru, Karanga, Manyika and Korekore. Zimbabwean children today, and adults, would do well to learn and heed the avian world that our ancestors knew all too well and preserved through oral traditions for their future. Early indigenous farmers were acutely aware of the benefits of bird-life for the fertilisation of forests, vegetation, crops, fruit through the dispersal of seeds. All rights reserved.