Theodore Crass Samuel Striker Dyamond Smart Josue Gonzalez 19500 W. 64th Parkway, Arvada CO 80403 Kalena Vang Save time in line – set up your Pre-order app today! Thomas O’Shea * Izzik Hardy Joseph Clark Lisanis Carcasses Orders are due by 9:00am each day! Juan Pablo Mei Chen * Michael Janowitsch Dayne Armwald Stephanie Mauricio Simone Vorperian # Progress Reports are available on FOCUS. The collaborative efforts of all of these people and organizations helped us create safe and memorable experiences for the Class of 2020, and we will be forever grateful. Natalie Pricer + Joseph Aman-Lavicky Arlene Moreno-Lopez Sayra Garcia Alejandra Contreras Benjamin Hoyt Kathryn Romain * The plan banks on the prospect that officials might soon relax some of the safety measures put into place to curb the spread of the virus. Samuel Greene Jakob Statz West Nassau High School prides itself in staying true to the local slogan "Once a Warrior Always a Warrior", because anyone who has come through the doors of West Nassau High School as a student or staff member will always be a part of the Warrior Family. Celia Kessler * Lillianna Caldwell Brandon Adorno Colon Matthias Schueneman •all underclassmen •ANY senior who has not been photographed by Leonard’s - you must take a photo for the yearbook- you must make an appt through Leonard’s •fall sports will take team photos after school. Kevin Naxi Daniel Ibarra Kristina Rohrer * Select the day and then Deli – Your Way. Chloe Bouska * Simon Pioli-Dunham Emma Nathanson # Ernesto Bell * Michael Heintz * June 23: West Nassau High School; June 24: Hilliard Middle-Senior High School; June 25: Yulee High School; If it rains on any of those days, the school’s graduation would … Download the free Nutrislice app on your phone and select your school and the ordering menu. Eran Sherman Lily Winslow * Ethan Jones Jonathan Alfaro Arely Diaz Moron Option 2- Digital Learning Students Check your school email ... teachers should have already or will be reaching out to get you set up on Canvas for classes. Gunce Derin * Dipesh Limbu Matthew Satterfield Lashya’ Nicholson Celia Michaud # There will be added security measures this year if you're attending in person. Anna Xistris Noah Fehr # Cyrus Bjurlin + Here’s the schedule: If it rains on any of those days, the school’s graduation would be moved to 7 p.m. the same day. With all three graduation ceremonies behind us, we want to share a message of gratitude to everyone that helped make these events possible. Lamees Elhassan * Bryan Hernandez Precious Talley Vincente Jimenez Paige Cooper * Calvin Cao Michael Mack Lyle Kirsch Steven Wilke # Lucas Parana Henry Yackel + Genevieve Martinez + Margaret Morgan * Ladarius Clark Jessica Deschenes # Grace Weigl + Soren Jackson George Logan The Main Office at West is open from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday thru Friday. Maximillian Drexler + Jimmyah Mills Alea Sweeney Deshawn Ford Zachary Heintz * Robert Dally-Steele * Elizabeth Hanson Mia Karras * Nicolette Satterfield Sophia Auron + Dayi Dong # Jenna Kohl * If you have not picked up your student computer, you will need the signed technology form. Tess Johnson + Jordan Weston Erdi Braimllari Sage Yoerger + Christina Garnett Julia Vander Ark + Office Hours: 8:00AM - 4:30PM Elinor Picek + Christian Sandlin Katherine Moeser + Stefan Caldararu + Amelie Rosenhagen * Max Cristobal Tenzin Ngawang + Silas Nicol + Maia Ramirez Corten + Victor Bulat * 207 Main Avenue West, West Fargo ND 58078 (701) 356-2000. Beeki Gurung * Abigail Lezama-Duran Perenelle Mertz Gibsen Kaye Wade Christensen Cassandra Angeles A Florida transplant with Midwest roots, Garrett Pelican is the digital executive producer for News4Jax. William Huntington * Nikita Robinson Joseph Schaak Gabrelle Mays Graduation Ceremony 2020 Elly Encell * James Richmond Artasia Wallace Jonatan Garcia-Morales Please remember to bring a mask, your charged student computer, and a water bottle. Nicholas Kantouros Cristian Cruz-Montes De Oca * Jack Barber + Hannah Ringquist + Nicole Cristobal Evelyn Hurley * Samuel Kleinmaier Alexander Lemmenes * Irene Mecozzi Derya Fathroen * Sean Valley Arvada West Choice Enrollment Information, Technology Tools and Schoology Information, Alameda International Jr./Sr. Andrew Fernandez + Logan Lien Benton Likos Benjamin Apel Blackboard Web Community Manager Privacy Policy (Updated). Isiah Ali Khari Sanford Suchana Gomden, Jaqueline Gomez Alvarado Abdu Jeng Kairo Gutierrez Tristan Stary Marcus Moore   Reid Kuenzi * Claudia Mena * Lars Wuethrich Noah Reeson Josiah Harris Paul Cranley Yamilet Brito Xavier Lopez Prasun Guragain * Rupert Miller Ryley Busch * Meagan O’Neill * Cyrus McMurray Ryan Reed Wa Lor Dlorah Bunkley Lauren Spangler Isabel Zuckerberg *, Copyright © 1996-2020 Madison Metropolitan School District. Hope Judge * Jessica Martinez Samantha Feldstein * Sonia Harnish + Ernst Stolzenburg + If, however, those dates doesn’t pan out, or strict social distancing rules remain in place, the backup plan is for seniors to graduate the next month instead. Prior to the first MMSD ceremony on Friday, June 12th, News 3 Now will have a special broadcast; New 3 Now: 2020 Graduation from 6:30-7:00 pm.