My roommate and I get along really well and it is always great to have him around. Everyone around me was genuinely interested in what I was doing, and offered their help and opinions. Enjoy yourself! Further supporting my success at my university was the study-hall function for boarding students. In The Pandemic: Parents' Concerns About Boarding School. Overall, I love the idea of going to boarding school and the liberty and freedom it offers. 4.) I truly consider West Nottingham Academy, my home away from home. I am a Ram for life! West Nottingham Academy. My experience at WNA has not been a pleasant one. Since its founding in 1744, the Academy has prepared students for the challenges of college and life through a curriculum grounded in the liberal arts and sciences, and a commitment to the intellectual, spiritual, and social growth of each student. West Nottingham Academy - Review #5. There's a lot of freedom to explore what you'd like to do, and many students can take advantage of it. DO NOT COME HERE. 1.) If I could've done anything differently, it would have been to take more photos to remember all the memories I had. 1.) 1.) The cantina is the best hang out spot, and be ready to challenge someone at ping-pong during off hours between classes. West Nottingham Academy is a diverse, student-centered, boarding and day school for young men and women in grades 9 … We address some of your concerns here. Describe the school's town and surrounding area. The administration does not take the students opinions into consideration and leaves us opinionless. Its fun and the education is innovative. . Overall, for a school that costs $57,800 a year, IT IS NOT WORTH IT. West Nottingham Academy, Colora, MD. . . Colora . I bet they would be very proud of their creations. The workload depends. Most of the teachers are good here. At West Nottingham Academy, students are required to fulfill two Culture Credits per trimester and fifteen hours of Service Learning per year.Culture Credits are fun weekend activities that students can sign up for that. Overall, I believe the admissions office does an excellent job recruiting because the students and friends I made at WNA was the best part of it all. Looking back, the academics at WNA were exactly what the school was meant to be: college-preparatory, especially the mathematics and science courses. 2.) Decisions are often made very abruptly and irrationally and upset the student body immensely. What do you think makes your school unique relative to other boarding schools? Please cherish the time at boarding school; even at times you may not like it at a particular moment, in years when you look back it'll weigh heavy on your memories. They have you take classes for college readiness as a freshman, preparing for it and I think that is really smart. Find a School School Rankings. 2.) The food is so much better too! WNA is a blessing. My child is still in their first year at West Nottingham, but we definitely feel like this was the right choice for high school. I am surrounded by other academically driven people daily. As a now recent college graduate, freshman year of college was especially easy as all of the core classes were ones I had already taken; in fact, most courses at WNA were more challenging than collegiate level courses!