Complete degrees and certificates can be earned online. You should also check your WSCC email daily for course related information. self assessment. “We are so fortunate to have West Shore Community College in our community. As a student enrolling via the MCO, you will need to identify a home college when requesting registration into a course. are considered Home colleges. All rights reserved. "Is Online Learning Right for Me?" Newspaper Source Plus: Transcripts of TV and radio programs like 60 Minutes and All Things Considered, plus full-text access to the Washington Post. Here's what people say about West Shore Community College. You will pay tuition to the Provider college. Important course information may come to your WSCC email before, after, and during the semester. Stay informed. Each student must seek Financial Aid and Academic Advising from their Degree-granting college. Most online courses require that you attend an on-campus orientation session. WSCC provides a high quality educational experience and explores current occupational practices that benefit the student and community.”. Be sure to manage and prioritize your time, be active, study hard, participate in online discussion, stay organized, submit assignments on time, don't procrastinate, keep a calendar or checklist to be sure you are on task. The College uses a learning management system called Canvas. Be sure to read all course information, syllabi, instructions, contact information, and communications from your professor and the college. Click Here to schedule a summer or fall advising appointment. Self-motivation is also important because no one is going to tell you to login, study, and submit assignments. Online and hybrid courses require minimal on-campus visits, so students with job and/or family responsibilities are able to continue their education. Have confidence in yourself, your academic ability, and expect to be successful. Be aware of where you need to improve and don't get behind. New York Times: Register for a digital subscription using your email address, then read the Times anywhere. Enter your WSCC User Name and we'll send you a link to change your password. Believe you can do it? WSCC provides learners with several alternative ways to take college credit courses. After the completion of the course, the Provider college will notify the degree-granting college so the course can be included on your transcript. Click Here to schedule a summer or fall advising appointment.Stay healthy. Instruction occurs entirely online, although some courses require proctored on-campus testing in the Learning & Testing Center, second floor Schoenherr Campus Center. Courses range from completely online or online with proctored testing to a blend of online and on-campus (hybrid) delivery. Search the course catalog, register for courses, get grades, view and print course schedule, pay tuition, get 1098-T info, Futures for Frontliners Scholarship Program. Wall Street Journal: Full-text access to the newspaper from 1984 to today. These courses are accessed using using our learning management system called Canvas . Forgot Password? Be an experienced computer user. Purchase all required course materials and load any course software within the first couple days of the semester and contact the professor immediately if you are having difficulty. Find information, resources, and updates on how we’re handling COVID 19 HERE and on the Mobile App. Online courses are delivered over the Internet using a learning management system. The 2019-2020 academic calendar can be found here. If you can't find the course or program you're looking for at WSCC and you think you can be successful with online learning, check out the MCO website. This collaborative is designed to allow current Michigan community college students to take courses from other member colleges while still receiving support services at the designated "home" college and maintaining their academic record at the college from which they are seeking a degree or certificate (the "degree-granting" college). Colleges that will be offering and conducting the courses are considered Provider colleges.