Outwardly no different than any other ghoul and can be any type of unique ghoul. ), Revenant (Ditzy Doo Chronicles, term used by ponies during the first days after the apocalypse to describe ghouls. In some instances or areas, ghouls can be known by other names. It took two explosive calibre rounds from the Anti-Machine Rifle, This Machine to kill the Reaver. They retain many memories of their lives, and have exceptional communal abilities; that means they can share their emotions and memories, most of the time inadvertently or by force. This includes the detection of trespassers, recalled events of the last day, or the death of another Wailer. However, due to the corruption, they mutated and irreversibly changed, turning them into yet another abomination of the wasteland. The phenomenon has been observed in humans, gorillas, and American black bears. https://falloutequestria.fandom.com/wiki/Ghoul?oldid=45787, Cadaver (Ditzy Doo Chronicles, term used by, Children of the Megaspells (Ditzy Doo Chronicles, term used by, Fosaken (Ditzy Doo Chronicles, term used by, Gnasher (Guise of Chaos, called this for the gnashing of teeth. A Feral Ghoul that tried to kill Ashred and Ripple. These former unicorns have preserved control about most their magic abilities, making them dangerous foes when faced on one's own. This just means that prior to ghoulification they took the Green-Med Pharmaceuticals drug Cortexaphan and thus developed the hormone Cortexamine. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Burning Pony Ghouls where named after, though not necessarily based on, Joshua Graham (aka the Burning Man) from Fallout: New Vegas. The hormone activates when the pony is near death and provided the right circumstances for ghoulification of any kind. Specials focus on utilizing a ghoul's RC cells to deal damage or disrupt their opponents. Although she is technically an exile, Star Sparkle, Twilight's mother, lives among the ghouls just outside of the city. Ghouls are creatures in Fallout: Equestria. A Kakuja is a mutated Kagune that covers all or parts of the User's body. This kagune typically takes an armor-like shape, and ghouls with such a kagune are called kakujas. Stable City, located within the Ministry of Wartime Technology Hub in Canterlot, is made up entirely of Canterlot ghouls. They are highly aggressive, feral ghouls that will attack anything they see as a threat, including non-feral ghouls and ponies alike. They generate intensely radioactive flames of balefire that are extremely hot, so much so, that the flames disintegrate regular bullets. Her powers are segmented in a split personality who manifests as a glowing ghoul, unicorn named Aglow. Bigotry against the ghoul ponies is not uncommon and, in some cases, has even lead to bloodshed. The first one they encountered was all but immune to the severe damage they tried to inflict with regular calibre weapons, like laser pistols and shotguns. Flaming Ghouls are found exclusively within the higher floors of Hightower Prison. But since most of them have lost their minds in the process of ghoulification too, they pose a threat to both their prey and their allied ghouls in battle when enraged. In Ro-Ghoul, the ghoul is a playable faction that players can choose and create a save on. When ghouls repeatedly cannibalize other ghouls, they rarely develop an abnormal kagune apart from the common predatory kagune. Many members often seek to active their own personal ghouls of causing chaos and anarchy for reasons unknown but to achieve their personal sadistic goals.