While each individual is different, the items below are usually classified as tax deductions for nurses. Before taking any action, you should always seek the assistance of a professional who knows your particular situation for advice on taxes, your investments, the law, or any other business and professional matters that affect you and/or your business. Firstly, the expense must be “allowable”. You will also find information on where to claim these amounts on your income tax and benefit return or a related form or schedule. Maintain all records and receipts for 5 years from the date you lodge your return. It is also possible to claim food and other incidentals purchased while travelling for work. We’ve covered a range of tax tips and tax deductions all nurses should read to boost your refund. If you prepare your own return the last day to lodge is 31st of October. Click here for login help, Travel between hospitals/medical practices during their shift, Travel from a hospital to a second job (or vice versa). Sun Protection – if your job requires you to work outside for sustained periods in the sun and you have purchased sunscreen lotion , sunhat or sunglasses, these are claimable. ‘Digital gold’: Is bitcoin ‘the ultimate hedge’ during a recession? You can’t claim raffle or art union tickets, or items like mugs or keyrings that you received in return for your donation. The allowance is rather low compared to the actual cost of gasoline, etc. i.e. nurse, midwife and direct carer specific deductions you can claim D riving your car between separate jobs on the same day – eg travelling from your job as a carer to a second job as a musician Driving to and from an alternate workplace for the same employer on the same day – eg driving from your usual clinic to another clinic to work for the same employer. It’s also possible to claim income protection insurance and insurance on an income-producing asset. Tax deductions lower the amount of tax you pay by reducing your assessable income. Once again - Tax Agents fees are tax deductible. Because if they disallow your deduction, you may soon be paying money back to the ATO. Fuel/Petrol without a logbook: Even if you. These include: The ATO generally says that if you have no receipts at all, but you did buy work-related items, then you can claim them up to a maximum value of $300. (function(d, s, id) { Uniform laundering claims under $150 require no records. As soon as I start the return, Etax auto-fill These must be directly related to your work as an employee and you’ll need to be able to prove a connection and provide evidence of this connection & receipts. Even if your commute to work is 2 hours each way, because you’re not required to travel as part of the job itself, you cannot claim the expense of the commute. You can claim work expenses up to $300 without receipts IN TOTAL (not each item), with basic substantiation. If your uniform is compulsory, you may be able to claim for non-slip shoes, socks, stockings or a single item like a tie if they’re an essential part of your work gear. “All you need to do to claim this is to keep a diary – note the time you start work each day, the time you finish work each day and any breaks. But you should not let yourself get into that situation! Do you need one? Form T2200 Declaration of Conditions of Employment, Self Employed? Subscribe to Yahoo Finance's free daily newsletter today. “Taxpayers working in jobs that require physical contact or close proximity with customers or clients during Covid-19 measures may be able to claim a deduction for items such as gloves, face masks, sanitiser or anti-bacterial spray if they have paid for the items and not been reimbursed," ATO commissioner Karen Foat said. While each individual is different, the items below are usually classified as tax deductions for nurses. home, in my own time but I still get the benefit of communicating with a Some organisations have been deemed ‘deductible gift recipients’ (DGRs), and therefore any donation you make to an organisation with that status can be claimed as a deduction. me to skip the items that I didn’t need. Here’s what people will be claiming on their tax returns this year: The coronavirus crisis has meant millions of Aussies have been forced to set up a home office and work from home full-time. The accountant If you earned less, you’re capped by your total employment income. Tip #9. What can I claim on tax this year? and easy as possible. “If you’re a high income earner, that means that you could reduce your taxes by 45 cents for every dollar extra you pay into super to get to that $25,000 threshold.”. Tip #4. You’ll also need to keep all the original bills to prove your claim.”. You can claim travel and other expenses related to the courses. Anything above $10 will require a receipt. Overdue – click to learn more, You can finish any tax return right now, online, with friendly support. Chapman told Yahoo Finance that “the more strange or left field your occupation is, the stranger your tax deductions will be”. Not sure if you can claim it? And, with the coronavirus pandemic throwing a spanner in the tax works, it pays to spend a little extra time ensuring you have every deduction down pat. Then I came across Etax which was so much What Australia's 'historic' savings rate means for the recovery, Federal Budget 2020-21: What we know so far, you cannot claim a percentage of your rent.