The operator gets reporting to show inventory levels so they can replenish stock ahead of depletion. 40 companies continue Every year, UK consumers spend around £1.5 billion in more than 420,000 refreshment vending machines. It couldn't be easier. Every year, UK consumers spend around £1.5 billion in more than 420,000 refreshment vending machines. The customer journey can be bundled and unbundled in whatever sequence or combination makes sense. In this section of the analysis, you will see performance ranking tables for growth, profitability and more, a breakdown of the latest industry averages and other key measures so you can put company performance into context. Be the first to see who is achieving great success and which competitors are in decline including: The following chart shows the latest breakdown of ratings that the Plimsoll Analysis is currently showing: As a further sign of the intense competition within the UK industry, 311 leading UK Automatic Vending companies Here are a few of the latest valuation based findings that have been flagged based on the most recent data: Valuations are changing constantly as new financial data becomes available. Today’s machines and services are sophisticated and technologically advanced. Every time you visit your Plimsoll Analysis you will have the most up to date valuation and performance analyses on any company and the latest snapshot on the key developments in the market. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. performance of any company in your market instantly and monitor key trends. It also highlights how many savvy companies use smart vending as a way to allow customers to “shop” and learn about the products even if they choose to make the purchase online or in a physical store at a later time. The Plimsoll Analysis provides an individual financial and commercial appraisal of every company in any UK market. Smart vending can be used for customers to discover and explore the products. Continuously updated to give you the most up to date view of individual companies and the wider market, our unique format of analysis includes a host of interactive features including: The analysis is linked to a live feed of constantly updated financial data. With average growth in the UK Automatic Vending market reaching 2.7% in the latest year, the Plimsoll Analysis can help you We accept all major credit cards and bank transfers. Our unique, continuously updated analysis simplifies the complexity of financial data and a subscription gives you a clear insight into the health, This process would apply where a machine is used to book a dining experience or tour for example. 310 other Automatic Vending companies? league performance tables, you will be able to instantly see: The following chart shows the companies grabbing all the growth and those in decline, based on the latest data available. When someone reads terms like “digital disruption, digital transformation and digital innovation” — it can sound overwhelming. +44 (0) 1642 626 470, You have come from the Automatic Vending Industry which is part of the Food Sector, = Closest related Industries to the Automatic Vending Industry. At Plimsoll we do company and market analysis differently. The Plimsoll Analysis will show you: The same model of analysis is provided on each company in a market. The Plimsoll Analysis provides an individual financial assessment on each company and will alert you instantly to how Vending machines augment conventional point-of-sale retailing (shops and stores) and provide a comparatively inexpensive and convenient way of making products available.