None. Your USAA Federal Savings Bank routing number is a nine digit code that identifies the bank where the bank account was opened. If you’re having trouble with your USAA account, you can call either 210-531-8722 or 800-531-8722. Note: Whoever asked what a USAA number is: I don't remember if USAA is a bank or a credit union. Many banks have several different routing numbers throughout the country. Manage your finances, investments, insurance and much more—all from one convenient app. @likethesauce_ @USAA_help @USAA It’s like someone wiped out my history on my bank account lmao!! All rights reserved. Select your branch to get the address, then note it out. International bank account numbers or IBANs identify particular bank accounts; these are different from a USAA routing number. USAA Federal Savings Bank will verify this number before issuing your routing number. This institution is one that focuses on serving the military, so it makes sense that not everyone is eligible. You might not know what all these numbers mean, but they are very important. It also means that if USAA were ever to add another location for check printing, they would need an additional routing number/numbers. These codes also allow banks to receive wire transfers. Back to top. Then the second set of numbers is your routing number. USAA has chosen to do things differently. They help the bank understand where your check came from and prevent confusion between banks. Alley Shark麗 (@Alley_Shark) reported 2 days ago These numbers are not just a bunch of random digits. Your routing number when transferring money via wire transfer will be different. The USAA routing number is an important number that is necessary for sending money. These are often used to validate software applications. Currently, the American Bankers Association (ABA) works with a firm called Accuity in managing the ABA routing number system. Because you will have multiple banks at play during these transactions, your routing code will help eliminate confusion. Did this article teach you something new? Pingback: 10 Best Rent Reporting Services In 2020. This means I earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you!) As little as $25 for your initial checking account deposit; Who's Eligible for USAA Membership? Now you will have list of all the ATMs of USAA bank. © 2020 Ashburn Media, LLC. One thing that is important to note is that you will not be assigned a new routing number if you move to a new state. That is not the case for USAA. Another bonus: Online banking makes it easier to track your spending since you can compare month-to-month bank statements quickly and conveniently.