Must people default to toxicity, or can they be something more when given the support to find their footing? (Excerpts from “Introduction” chapter of Reel Inequality: Hollywood Actors and Racism). In hell, he fell in love with shady pimp Valentino and became a sex worker (the order of events is yet to be determined). Do flamboyant gay men have to ‘tone it down’? We ask them to fit in our boxes, and condemn them when they struggle. It means stepping aside to make space for BIPOC to tell their own stories. How did the #OscarsSoWhite controversy affect the film industry? Look at recent films such as The Danish Girl, a portrayal of the first man to undergo a sex change operation, or 12 Years A Slave, a … In a film scene, where a character is walking down a street, a slow, sombre piece of music will create a very different representation to a cheerful, upbeat tune. Catra and Adora end up becoming Season 5’s quintessential couple (after much exploration of the toxicity of denying one’s true feelings), and the creators certainly didn’t shy away from an on-screen kiss, as well. It means crafting stories with LGBTQIAA+ leads. Let’s start by defining representation in media. Many more still are avid fans of the She-Ra and the Princesses of Power reboot, and for good reason. Representation in media is the dedication to making space for varied characters so that not only can people feel more included, but so we can also have richer, broader stories to engage with, tell, and enjoy. As much as She-Ra is an outstanding story that grapples with difficult themes, and has wonderful representation, it also neglects a lot of harsh realities in favor of something more easily accessible and acceptable. The basic definition of representation in the media is simply how media, such as television, film and books, portray certain types of people or communities. You can follow Quora on Twitter, Facebook. He falls into toxic habits, and stays with a guy who treats him like dog shit, because at least he gets to suck dick and snort coke in hell. You may opt-out by. Do addicts not get their stories told? What they do find problematic is Vagatha’s nickname and her apparent nod to the ‘angry latina’ stereotype. Popular media can have a negative impact on whites’ perceptions of people of color. Isn’t that relatable to some people? Watch this—and actually listen to the lyrics—then watch the credits, and tell me his prospective development doesn’t suggest he’s way more than just a bad stereotype: Seen after the credits, Charlie’s Hotel offers him a way out—the only act of kindness he’s received that didn’t come with a splash of enablement—and he oscillates on committing to it. Though they are largely fictional, on-screen images can shape our views of reality.