When I was 11, I found a bunch of anal sex porn in my dad's laptop. Maybe I'm projecting, but I've never been able to get that image out of my head. At the age of 15 I lost my grandparents and great aunt, all of whom I were very close to. 3 d. Acting in a promiscuous manner and it's not me. My innocence was 7 if not 5 my manhood haven't lost it yet, I'm pure & rather stay that way for a very long time ✨. It's not always going to be okay. Watching the Challenger launch in school, and then watching it explode. That was pretty goddam real. NOT because I was a woman - that had nothing to do with it - but because I understood in that moment that I wasn't … She went on to cheat on me a number of times that stretched far into the double digits over the next 5 years. Honestly, I didn't have that realization until after my 25th birthday. Suddenly the world isn't fair. We were standing in waist deep water. When I realized that the world was not what it seemed? November 4, 2008 - Backstory: I had never taking religion seriously growing up but was raised in a baptist church until I was old enough to start refusing to go (15-16). Eventually he let me go. I consider that to fit this question as that's a shocking world view to think that the majority of the people on this planet believe in some god that doesn't exist. If I had some means of doing the impossible, I'd reach back in time and rescue that kitten. Press J to jump to the feed. Also that day, I told my girlfriend at the time that I was an atheist to her shock and tears. I have a brother. When I think of losing innocence, I think of gaining cynicism. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. So did u lose ur innocence at 20 or no. And what choices. Did someone finialy put it in your ass? I didn't give myself away but i gave a part of me away. I was pretty grossed out by it, and couldn't understand why the heck anyone would want to do it. So I took her to BadBoys.com. I come home from school one day, tell my parents that sex isn't between the birds and the bees and demand an explanation. How strongly do they affect your thinking. Not really a surprise between my parents divorcing, my grandmother dying of cancer (and deliberately stopping chemo), and no longer fitting in with my classmates. You could feel the agony it was in, but you could also see that same expression on its face: "I trust you," it said, "and I know that you wouldn't hurt me like this unless you needed to. The last picture showed it dead... its loving, trusting expression finally extinguished, its body mutilated beyond recognition. So the world to me atleast is not what it seemed when I was growing up. 3 d. Id say I wasn't being true to myself. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, any replies that are jokes, puns, off-topic, or are otherwise non-contributory will be removed. If you could somehow distill innocence, excitement, and unrestrained happiness, it would look like that kitten. I have seen a number of terrible things in my life, but nothing yet has compared to those images. Suddenly the world isn't fair. I just...couldnt do anything. I lost my innocence at the age of 16 and had the realization that everybody goes through the transition into adulthood, no matter how arduous, and has a life changing epiphany of confinement. If you don't fall within the scope the question is directed to, please do not reply to the question as your comment will be removed. Do you practice Law of Attraction? post # 211 — October 10, 2006 — a Careers, Client Relations, Managing, Strategy post. Kiss a boy. I have been doing a lot of client work in the last few weeks in many countries, meeting people young and old in professional businesses. I love you, and I know that you love me.". If the question is "Bakers of reddit..." and you're not a baker, your comment will be removed. I think it started in 8th grade when I met the girl I would go on to date through to senior year of high school. It doesn’t matter what type of innocence? I stumbled upon it when I was 35 and still can't get some pictures out of my mind. Google bad, So did u lose ur innocence at 20 or no. All top-level replies need to be from someone who is in the group the question was asked to. People die too young and you make big mistakes and spend all of your money on them. So I think the first time she cheated on me was when I lost mine. I didn't give myself away but i gave a part of me away. I'm tlkn about learning Santa wasn't real. Very independent, very much on my own. Eight years old I heard the word sex, I kept asking my peers and adults but NOBODY would tell me. Out of all of the disturbing sights that I encountered, though, nothing ever cut me deeper than the image series that burned itself into my memory one night. Id say I wasn't being true to myself. And what choices . I lost my innocence right there and then. When we were young we were at a lake.