Similar to the PPM results, the test we carried out CO2 were trending downwards. New Era Fuels Ltd are suppliers of Green D+ HVO. ✓ Boats and vessels on inland waterways. Get Your FREE Containerised Boiler Hire estimate in 3 easy steps. Speedy Fuels are a Nationwide Fuel and Lubricants Supplier based in London, with depots throughout the UK. They… Read more, By submitting this request you agree to Speedy Fuels & Lubricants LLP processing your personal data AND sending you marketing information by email. Speedy Fuels can supply HVO fuel wherever you are in the UK and whenever you need it, with 92% of orders delivered within 24 hours. Overall test period was 3 days. Day 1, a CO2 reading of 11.4 was recorded, day two 11.3 and day three, an impressive 11.1 was recorded. Benefits of HVO fuel. HVO is not yet available at fuel stations like in some European countries, however, Speedy Fuels is one of the only UK suppliers who can deliver it directly to your site in any quantity you require, including bulk amounts up to 36,000 and more. Your email address will not be published. The flow and return was connected to an air handler provide the boiler load. HVO can be produced from a wide variety of materials containing triglycerides and fatty acids. This removes any esters and contamination which affect diesel performance and allows it to be stored for up to 10 years. Required fields are marked *. This allows it to be used as a drop-in alternative with little or no infrastructure modifications needed. Need Help Choosing Diesel? As part of the paraffinic family of fuels, HVO has low aromatic and naphthenic hydrocarbon content and no sulphur content, meaning it is also an extremely pure diesel fuel. ✓ avoids sludge build-up and resists diesel bug attack However, some of the benefits of HVO may be compromised due to mineral diesel’s properties. Previously, HVO fuel has been hard to obtain in bulk, however, Beesley Fuels have invested in an industrial-sized stock of the renewable fuel to help businesses in the UK reduce their environmental footprint and contribute to achieving the government’s 2050 target. An existing 1200kW (1.2MW) boiler was used for the test. Green D+ HVO, is a drop-in replacement for Gas Oil/Red Diesel and can be used in all diesel engines. Day two was 28PPM but it was day three that HVO achieved a PPM of just 12. The existing oil tank and hoses were thoroughly cleaned to remove any trace of oil, preventing any contamination with the HVO fuel. On day one of the test, HVO achieved 55PPM. Green D+ HVO is in use in the off-road and mobile plant industries. The fuel we proposed to the client was Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO). The cetane number denotes how well a fuel burns in the combustion chamber; the higher the number, the faster it ignites, resulting in improved engine performance and reduced GHG emissions. Green D+ HVO is an enhancement, achieved by inclusion of an additive system which chemically reduces NOx (to N2) in the exhaust gases whilst oxidizing incomplete combustion products (HC, PM and CO). * Speedy Fuels HVO fuel complies with BS EN 15940 being the British Standard for paraffinic diesel fuel which is a new generation of cleaner transport fuel for use in road vehicles. Get In touch and a member of our team can guide you through your temporary boiler requirements and answer any questions that you have regarding HVO, Oil or Gas. As a second-generation premium biofuel, it eliminates up to 90% of net greenhouse gas emissions (such as CO2) and hugely reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx) particulate matter (PM) and carbon monoxide (CO) emissions.