Many families live in White Center and residents tend to be liberal. Find more Parks near White Center Heights Park. Low interest rates. Disclaimer though - the afternoon soups taste a bit different than the evening soups - just from our experience - we think its because they have different cooks. Their prices are so reasonable compared to other vet clinics and their staff is hands down the best. Not great, not bad. The location is absolutely…", "My friends and I tried one of the "beginners" rooms which was Prison Escape. Phone, E-mail, Directions, Market your business to decision makers around the Northwest. Kids need to play. I have never been in any danger, but have heard of incidents around my area. One of the smallest neighborhood parks I've been to, and usually also vacant. Learn more. The public schools perform poorly. I was helped by Jared and Mason, who showed me tons of different strains by my favorite grower: Fireline. Zoom in to see updated info. I was so thrilled to have a brand new park built right next door to us and was even more thrilled to find out that it was one of the Starbucks parks. Great local business, if you need it, they most likely have it. Always one of my first considerations whenever I need a "whatchmacallit" tool to help with my home and yard projects. While I loved living there and created life long memories, White Center isn't exactly the safest place to live. It was originally funded by our hometown famed company, Starbucks. Duck Noodle Soup - will cure what ails you, Hotels with Military Discounts in Seattle, Hotels near International District/Chinatown Station, Hotels near The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology, Steakhouses for Special Occasions in Seattle, Restaurants for Special Occasions in Seattle, Restaurants with Outdoor Seating in Seattle, Pizza Delivery in Broadway / Capitol Hill. I have been meaning to review these guys for a while. The neat benches made of logs supported on each end by a split boulder and the many lively birdhouses make up for it (…). I have rented, chippers, cement mixers, trenching tools, and various other items that a homeowner occasionally needs but has no need to own. They also have automotive stuff like engine cranes and stands, gear pullers, valve spring compressors, etc.And, on top of the breadth of items they have for rent, they are extremely friendly and it is a local, family-owned and operated business. Many families live in White Center and residents tend to be liberal. Public schools in White Center are part of Highline School District. A hidden gem in Seattle! Westside Seattle had the scoop on it last year, but I missed the news. They always have what I've needed for home repair and work in the yard. I immediately packed the kids up for a visit. I always get the duck noodle soup with snappy egg noodles - only one size large @$8- anise, lime, ginger, onions, basil, etc black mushrooms and greens with come together to make a deeply satisfying dish. Niche requires Javascript to work correctly. Family friendly. Great rates and they have everything you need. They Will happily install new…", "Found this company in Google and requested service the same evening. I have lived in White Center, Seattle Washington for most of my life and even though others of Seattle find this to be a troubled area it really is not.