However, once the work was complete, the system was never built and thus the cut remains unused to this day. And every now and again there’s a major collapse like this one – when an area the size of a football pitch fell away, sending thousands of tons of rubble crashing 300ft down on to the shore. There were gun batteries along the cliffs at St. Margaret's Bay, Langdon Bay, St. Martin's Battery and the Citadel (the Western Heights) and at Capel near Folkestone. Carry on browsing if you're happy with this, or find out how to manage cookies. Evolutionists claim that the chalk formed slowly over millions of years, especially considering its usual slow accumulation today as microorganism die and their calcium-rich shells accumulate at the bottom of the ocean floor. Email. Caesar and his army instead landed just along the coast in Deal and a year later a full scale invasion followed. This year would have been the fifth year the event had taken place. The tramway cut was built in 1912 to connect the Dover tram system to the neighbouring village of St Margaret's. On a clear day you can see right across from the Dover cliffs to the cliffs on the French coast at Cap Gris Nez, proof of the continuous strata of chalk. Looking up at the cliffs from Townwall Street, on the approach to the Eastern Docks, you can see signs of massive tunnelling works at various levels in the cliff below the Castle. The cost of £5 to park was very acceptable and the facilities at the beginning and lighthouse were very clean and tidy and one way systems in place - all in all a very enjoyable day and would highly recommend and visit again if in the area - great picture opportunities to be had and well worth taking binoculars too if you can, Absolutely a must see! 148 Restaurants within 5 miles. Following a number of discussions regarding how the popular Dover event could be safely hosted, the Port reluctantly decided to cancel this year's event at Cruise Terminal 1. The cliffs only stay white because they're allowed to erode naturally. You will also see other sedimentary layers chock full of marine fossils. Millions pass through Dover each year on their journey to or from the continent. Imagine yourself transported to another era, one with servants, maids and ladies in waiting. Chalk has many uses, but not all chalk is the same substance. Website +44 1304 205108. Plenty room to park. "We are grateful to everyone who has helped make it such a popular event over the last few years, but for now we must continue to uphold our social responsibility to support the nation’s focus on tackling the ongoing spread of COVID-19 whilst also ensuring our core port operations can continue to bring in the food, medicine and other essential resources our country needs.”, White Cliffs Christmas was due to take place from Sunday, November 29, to Sunday, January 3, 2021, The 2020 White Cliffs Christmas experience will not be going ahead, When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters.