Tony starts to romance Alex and they eventually become engaged. Helena then has her goons bring in Luke, whom she has been holding captive and beaten. General Hospital threw viewers a curveball when they revealed that Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) was not a Cassadine at all. She wants Irina to shoot and kill Ethan and make Luke watch, while she has him taped to a chair, for revenge for Luke killing Stavros (in 2001, though Stavros comes back in 2013 and later “dies” by the hands of Laura Spencer) and Stefan. However, it was later revealed and then confirmed with DNA, that Valentine is not Mikko’s son. When she returned, she had great memory loss and so she told her what she wanted her to know. “Why does he have to be anyone’s son from [Port Charles]? So, out of those three, one may be his real father. ’90 Day Fiance – The Other Way’ Spoilers: Sumit Leaves India With Jenny If Her Visa Expires? A recent discussion on Reddit shows the wide range of theories that have been brought up by fans. Related : General Hospital, Soap Opera, Spoiler, Television General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) is not a Cassadine at all. Subsidiaries. Out of all the theories floating around about who could be Valentine’s father, one name kept popping up everywhere – Edward Quartermaine, played by John Ingle. Although Valentin and Irina having had the same birth father probably makes the most sense, there is a slight possibility that he could still be a Cassadine – depending on the type of DNA test that was done. She then has her goons shoot and kill Irina. Rita Ryan has been writing since the age of thirteen, starting with songs and later short plays and articles. First, let’s screen out some fun ideas that couldn’t work out to be Valentin’s father. And there’s more wicked males than just Mikkos that she knew. According to Celebrating the Soaps, Luke was born in 1948, while Valentine was born in 1956. There is no way Luke could be Valentin’s father – for one thing, they are too close in age. General Hospital Spoilers: Who Was Valentin’s Father If Not Mikkos Cassadine? The couple teams up with his brothers, Mikkos Cassadine (John Colicos) and Victor Cassadine (Thaao Penghlis), in an effort to take over the world unknown to Tony who believes they are making the world perfect. Cassadine Drilling Company Then, she shipped him away. Follow Soap Dirt for the hottest General Hospital spoilers, news, and updates. General Hospital spoilers tease that Valentin – Romanov? If Helena had affairs with Mikkos’ Cassadine relatives, then one of them could be Valentin’s father although he wouldn’t be in the direct line to inherit from Mikkos. Ma petite, @officialscarlettfernandez… Je t’adore. GH spoilers recall Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) just slapped Valentin with the hard truth. She makes Cassandra reveal that she is actually Irina Cassadine, Helena’s daughter. There was a relative in the 80s, Herbert Quartermaine, who had a son Quentin, I believe,” one viewer wrote. Surely, it makes sense that twisted psycho Helena Cassadine would reject her own son. And that could be Valentin’s way to keep some of the fortune.