If you know the answer to this question, please register to … In Season 2, we learn that she is more than her … We need you to answer this question! order back issues and use the historic Daily Express Sherlock kisses Molly ,in a new episode "The Empty Hearse". i own nothing. Benedict kept tight-lipped and simply told the audience “no comment” after getting grilled a couple of times about the British spy franchise. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. It was such an honour to be part of such a big show. Or, if you do not agree, you can click Manage below to access other choices. What will series four have in store for us? It’s a secret for him. You can choose whether or not to accept advertising cookies from our advertising partner Google using the buttons below. newspaper archive. The Imitation Game actor was just one of a number of big names at the convention such as Natalie Dormer, Mads Mikkelsen, Julian Glover and Dave Prowse. “Love is something that’s unabashed and deeply private but not something to deem embarrassing and I don’t think he’s there yet.”. I think I’m in shock.”. Meanwhile Mycroft’s men would take Moriarty’s body and put the Sherlock mask on it while they dragged him outside and planted him on the ground with fake blood. “Was that love? You can read more in our cookie notice. I played her for three seasons which is about four years in real time. ... A great kiss… If you choose not to, you will still see adverts on our site, because they help us to fund it, but those adverts will not He interprets this as her simply offering him a cup, to which he responds, \"Black, two sugars, I'll be upstairs.\" She shrugs off this blow although she is obviously hurt by his lack of interest in her. Thursday, 24th September 2020 See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, Speaking at a panel at the London Film and Comic-Con today, the 41-year-old said that there could only be one character his detective could be coupled with in the BBC hit series. John and Sherlock first meet - This scene introduces us to our two main characters and we learn a great deal about their very different personalities, The stag night - John and Sherlock drunkenly attempt to solve a case of a woman who believes she's dating a ghost, Moriarty - We first meet Sherlock's nemesis at the end of the first series and it is clear at anything can happen when the master villain is around, Sherlocks Mind palace - When Sherlock is shot by Mary, we are given a glimpse inside his Mind Palace as he fights to come back to life. Why did Sherlock kiss Molly in the empty hearse? Sherlock and Molly kiss - You probably didn't expect to see this kiss in series three. Cumberbatch won an Emmy for this brilliant performance, The Reichenbach Fall - One of the most memorable and emotional scenes takes place when Sherlock calls John to say goodbye as he stands on the hospital rooftop, Sherlock fakes his own death - Season two concludes with the shocking moment Sherlock jumps off a rooftop building, Sherlock and Moriarty almost kiss - This surprising embrace took place in series three, The Best Man speech - Sherlock makes an incredibly long winded speech when John marries Mary, but it ends as a heartfelt ode to their friendship, Sherlock and Molly kiss - You probably didn't expect to see this kiss in series three, Buckingham Palace - In this scene Sherlock is dragged from his flat to work on a case for the British monarch and doesn't have time to put his clothes on.