37 Harbor, Gateway . . Most rolls utilize a specific skill and the attribute most pertinent to it (called the primary attribute). If the criminal wins, he slips out of the building while the policeman is still looking. They often involve rolling dice, which simulate the odds of, say, a gunshot hitting its target, or a driver successfully swerving around a trash can. His damage roll is an “8”, plus 4 for his Brawn, plus 5 for the Haymaker, for a total of 17. You eventually succeed, but the trial-and-error involved doubles the amount of time taken. . There still aren’t that many gaunts across the Commonwealth as a whole. . And we're going to continue to listen to them because they know so much about everything. They’re not an organization (they barely qualify as a classification) but are bound by the common belief that “the way things are” just isn’t good enough. If you’re not ready for that, then back off. . . Fire always causes lethal damage. . . . That was when it all catalyzed into something concrete, when names and places started appearing our memories. . . My Gun is Quick (New York: New American Library, 2001). There is some minor damage to your vehicle. Gaunt criminals are at least as much a product of circumstance as they are a product of their all-too-human greed. Nunchuks are a pair of short sticks joined by a chain, while a sai is a pointed stabbing weapon with guards designed to catch an attacker’s blade. Journeymen warlocks of gravity are known for their ability to lift objects and crush them down again with severe outcomes. Consider that the symptoms are not, in fact, symptoms — rather, they are signs of adaptive evolution at work within the gaunt’s physiology.” — Dr. Marcus Gunderson, Adaptive Evolution: Body and Soul Gaunts often exhibit enhanced physical abilities, which sometimes develop after their initial transformation. ll6 Scientific (Magical) Skills . . The more abstract you can make them, the better. Neither do individual members know much concerning the organization’s hierarchy. The simplest remedy for this is to provide an opportunity for every character to shine in their area of expertise. Wounds: 5, Vigor: 25. . I've been doing this game games for 25 years. I’d like to say it works, but the sad fact is that more than half the time, that same warlock gets busted not a week after he walks out of the clink. . How can you trust your neighbors when you can’t even trust yourself? . It does not include skills in electronics or machinery, which are covered by the Engineering skill on the next page. These groups are targeted with ridicule and mockery in polite society, and their marches and loud rallying rarely results in any change at all. Demolitions This skill represents a character’s ability to manufacture and set explosives. $75 $25 $10 $9 $10 $0.03 $0.20 $1 $50 $0.50 $5 $10 per night $4 per night $1 per night $50 per month $75 per month $100 per month $175 per month $2 $0.50 $0.25 $0.25 $0.25 $20 $4 $2 $1 $4 $6 $10 $5 $30 $8 $2 per stick $.25-$3 $10 $20 $100 $1 per 50 words VEHICLES Biplane Luxury car (Hermes Champion) Motorcycle (Lancer two-wheeler) Roadster, 2 door (Bester Hornet) Sedan, used 4-door (SSG Thunderbolt) Sedan, new 4-door (SSG Thunderbolt) Truck, commercial 34 $3,500 $5,000 $200 $2,000 $500 $1,000 $2,500 CHAPTER ONE: CHARACTER CREATION WEAPONS NAME Automatic pistol, concealable Automatic pistol, small Automatic pistol, large Pipe gun (“zip gun”) Revolver, small Revolver, large Rifle, hunting Rifle, sniper’s Shotgun, break open (scatter gun) Shotgun, pump Submachine gun Machine gun COST $60 $60 $70 — $60 $70 $100 $200* $80 $80 $300* $900* BASE RANGE** 15 feet 30 feet 30 feet 15 feet 30 feet 50 feet 100 feet 350 feet 10 feet 10 feet 45 feet 60 feet SHOT CAPACITY 4 9 15 1 6 6 10 10 2 6 30–50 100 (belt-fed) DAMAGE 3d10 4d10 4d10 3d10 4d10 5d10 5d10 6d10 6d10–1d10/10 ft. 6d10–1d10/10 ft. 4d10 5d10 Hand grenade $25* 10 feet N/A Special*** Brass knuckles**** $5 0 N/A As Brawling + 3 Baseball bat/club $1 0 N/A 2d10 + Brawn Knife***** $3 10 feet N/A 1d10 + Brawn Nunchuks $100 0 N/A 1d10 + Brawn Sai $300 10 feet N/A 1d10 + Brawn Sword/axe $500/$4 0 N/A 2d10 + Brawn * This weapon is generally only available through the military. . . Quentin Tarantino; with Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, and Michael Madsen). He likened governing Gateway to spinning tops; as long as all the pieces kept moving, the city would never lose its balance. . . They operate with the full knowledge of law enforcement agencies, occasionally hiring out to the crystal ball squads when the police are stumped or in great need. Using the Thermal Energy skill, you may increase or decrease the temperature of the selected object to the point of melting, igniting, or freezing it. His distant, cold, untouchable persona is a product of great sadness and loss, as is his merciless nature. They know. . Getaway, The (1972, dir. . . A world where every little victory counts, where justice exists only for those willing to pay its price. . What is Role-Playing? Its rewards are precious, and each little moment is worth savoring. 146 CHAPTER EIGHT: GAME MASTERING CYNICISM IDENTITY CRISIS Player characters in The Edge of Midnight are driven by a profound distrust. Standard repairs take 1d10 hours for most complex machinery such as cars or radios.