While it’s certainly not a complete definition of your strength and health, its shorthand for strength is definitely most acceptable. You’ll see Smith machines in many gyms, and consumer versions do exist as well, though they tend to be one of the pricier pieces of equipment you can buy. Plant your feet flat on the floor, and your back and butt firmly on the bench. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Smith Machine Bench Press is an excellent way to isolate your pectoral muscles (chest). Using the Smith Machine provides the same level of activation of your Pectoralis Major as doing the regular bench press. He is much smaller than “The Rock.” Sure, 40 pounds is 40 pounds. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Trusted Advisor Join Date Jul 2006 Posts 32,510 Years Exp 20+ Years Goal Build Muscle Gender Male Location UK Rep: Join Date. KL (HQ) Address : However, with traditional bench pressing, there’s a downside. You will strengthen your pectoral muscles, your shoulders, your upper back, and the entirety of your arms, hands, and the involved joints. Press bar until arms are … The team typically replies in a few minutes. A lot of times, scientific results are published in health journals with only the most basic description of the experiment or study’s nature. Pros Safety. Will Smith can bench press 385 pounds, which, if true, is also impressive. They chose average (20s) people. Would you like to learn more about how these exercises work, and why some things are more effective than others? You want the line from your elbows to your hands to be vertical when in the down position. You could dedicate yourself to biting the bullet, being extra careful, and sticking to the tried and true barbell, which has mathematically-guaranteed better results. Click one of our member below to chat on. Should You Bench Press with a Smith Machine or a Barbell? Utility: Basic: Mechanics: Compound: Force: Push: Instructions. Hi! SMITH BENCH; Sold Out. The results were then calculated through some seriously complex math, which we’ll show mercy and spare you from here. Even then, accidents can and do happen when this exercise isn’t performed in a safe environment. You can buy online or just come to any of our showroom if you are nearby. Does that mean that a Smith machine is a bad choice? It’s dangerous. However, because the Smith Machine Bench Press has a controlled movement with safety locks you can use heavier weights and can be great when you are training alone. Although this is the best video on the smith machine bench press I could find. After some delay to let residual effects diminish, the two groups switched roles and performed the experiment a second time. It can be hard to procure the proper attention for the amount of time you need to bench a week, depending on your goals and routine. Execution. You should never bench press a barbell weight alone, and your spotter should be as strong or stronger than you and trained properly.