He was coached by several fitness professionals. However, his career really got going when he was cast in Independence Day in 1996. Each set must stay below 70% of your max, but make sure you increase the weight each set. Willard Carroll Smith, Jr. better known as Will Smith is an American actor, producer, songwriter and rapper born on 25 th September 1968. Foster was a boxing and fitness trainer to champion Sugar Ray Leonard before preparing Will for Ali. This show become successful and Will Smith received commercial fame and success. He is in great shape, but the mesh shirt makes me laugh. Download printable versions of this plan, set up your schedule, and log your workouts on the web, iOS and Android. Will Smith is a self-made Hollywood legend that has transformed himself from a 175-pound teenage rapper into a chiseled, 215-pound leading man over the course of the past 20 years. For a good starting point I would find out your 1RM (rep maximum) you can do for each exercise and go with 60%-80% of that weight for each exercise. These little tricks brought Will Smith down to 6% body fat and in better shape than he has been before. Also my bone structure is kind on the heavy side: my wrists are 8inches. Required fields are marked *. “Will Smith”, accessed on 22 November 2010, Darrell Foster, comment on this article (see below). To look the part to play Ali, Will Smith had to pack on 35 pounds … Fresh Prince was his MC name during his music career beforehand. He obviously has hit hit the carido hard and tightened up his diet. © 2020 Physical Therapy All rights reserved. In Bad Boys 2, however, this was about to change. The first time I realized he was extremely fit was back in 1995 when “Bad Boys” came out. To look the part to play Ali, Will Smith had to pack on 35 pounds of muscle to look like a real heavy weight boxer. For certain roles, such as the aforementioned movie Ali, as well as I, Robot, Hitch and Bad Boys, Smith kicks it up a notch and gets into even better shape. Home » Body Measurements » Actors » Will Smith Body Measurements Height Weight Shoe Size Vital Statistics. Ok i will give that a shot, cheers for the advice on that He got pretty darn muscular and bulky as Ali. Will Smith is one of the hardest working men in Hollywood. He continued with his weight training workouts, this time performing more intensive exercises including pull ups and heavier lifting, while also doing a lot of intensive cardio sessions to burn fat. saturdays: 90 minutes of cardio. He’s got a strong work ethic that carries over into many areas of his life, and it is inspirational. If you are 6’2″, you probably want to end up weighing between 170-190, depending upon your frame. Afterwards, Smith worked in numerous blockbuster movies including Where the days Takes You, Made in America, Bad Boys, Men in Black, Wild Wild West, The Legend of Bagger Vance, Ali, Bad Boys II, Hitch, I Am Legend, Men in Black 3, After Earth, Focus and Concussion. Smith did jump roping to build up his cardio and attain that lean physique. will i continue with my push ups, chin ups and crunches and consume roughly 150-200 grams protein a day as you suggested then ? Such a role requires a survivor to look very lean but yet fit – traits that would keep a man alive in a World in the brink of collapse. In addition to all the functional training Will had to do a lot of endurance training, and some of it included running through snow wearing boots as well as a lot of weight lifting. from Coventry University. But if we get on the treadmill together, there’s two things: You’re getting off first, or I’m gonna die. For nearly every other exercise, Smith does three sets of 10 reps or four sets of eight reps. Ok so here is me.. 6ft. He cut out all junk food and sugar and ate a very natural, low GI, nutrient dense diet and is as close to optimum nutrition as he could get. Great post! Would like to achieve a body like W.Smith has on I, Robot. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Will Smith’s workout is all about bulking up in the upper body, primarily the pectorals and shoulders. For the movie I, Robot, which unfortunately had pretty much nothing in common with the sci-fi book of the same name (except the title), Smith once again got in exceptional shape. I find him to be one of the best role models out there. I like Will Smith, because he is generally just a really positive guy. I have followed Will Smith’s career ever since The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Will Smith is a huge fan of mixing things up within his workout routine. Here you will find articles and advice on getting fit, weight training, diet and nutrition, all of which can aid weight loss.