If you're in love with the drama and grit of the investigation process, these true-crime podcasts will keep you on your toes. Ana Marie Cox is a political columnist and culture critic whose writing has appeared in The New Republic, Sports Illustrated, the Washington Post, and Esquire. Guest. Listen to With Friends Like These episodes free, on demand. On Monday, Dijon Kizzee, a 29-year-old Black man, was stopped by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies for an alleged vehicle code violation while riding his bike. New Season: “With Friends Like These: Converts”. Kern County is one of the most oil-rich counties in the U.S. Sep. 21 They ended with a discussion of where our battles are today, and what we need to do truly create change in a country that was built on White Supremacy. Ana gained attention in 2008 for being an early, enthusiastic adopter of Twitter and quickly amassed a following of 1.3 million. Listen to With Friends Like These episodes free, on demand. Also, a puppy. The easiest way to listen to podcasts on your iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, smart speaker — and even in your car. She has appeared on The Daily Show, Fresh Air with Terry Gross, NPR, The TODAY show, CBC radio, With Friends Like These podcast. Mar. Kathleen Hall Jamieson breaks down the rise of cynicism in the last 25 years and what the American media consumer can do … Contact: Website. Amber Scorah is a Canadian-American writer, advocate, and public speaker living in Brooklyn, NY. After the horrifying massacre in El Paso, host Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) and former Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges (@BetsyHodges) navigate a complex discussion about race in America that’s all too relevant. Fully’s careful selection of active sitting chairs is what really separates them from any other furniture company. Bonus and ad-free content available with Stitcher Premium. She is on cable news more often than she'd like, and appears frequently on Real Time with Bill Maher. Elizabeth Warren withdraws from presidential race. Made in L.A. Streaming music, news & culture from KCRW Santa Monica, Live streaming music, news & culture from KCRW Santa Monica, LRC Presents: All the President's Lawyers. She has been published in The New York Times, USA Today, Gothamist.com, The Globe and Mail, The Boston Globe, the Los Angeles Times, The Cut, and Believer magazine. She is the founding editor of the blog, Wonkette. Dan and Josh have never seen Friends, Rebecca has. Instagram Icon. Thanks to our sponsors! Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren officially ended her presidential bid. You're not a Stitcher Premium subscriber yet. Twitter Icon. from Press Play with Madeleine Brand, Plus: a catch-up conversation on the 2020 field, Feb. 22, 2019 CW: Gore, Violence from LRC Presents: All the President's Lawyers, It’s hard to know if the ballot measure to undo Proposition 13 will have its intended effect, Sep. 3 They covered an intensive history of voting rights and the violence in those battles. from Press Play with Madeleine Brand. No storage limits, no trial period, no catch. Category: News & Politics > Interviews. California’s Central Valley is often called the “breadbasket” of the nation, but it’s also the country’s engine.